Would you walk 250 miles for a Gyarados?

The folks behind Pokémon put out a new feature in Pokémon a few days ago – “Buddies”. The basic premise of the game is you either catch pokémon or hatch them from eggs. As you collect more than one pokémon of a type, you can make an advanced pokémon by feeding it candy. One of the ways to earn candy is to go for long walks with your “buddy” pokémon. I can see your eyes rolling from here.

Meet Magicarp


MagiCarp is closely similar to the Asian Carp – the incredibly annoying invasive species destroying the Mississippi River and its tributaries and will sooner or later reach the Great Lakes. The magicarp is equally as annoying – it just flops around, making it hard to hit. If you can get 400 magicarp candies (3 for catching, 1 for turning it in), you can turn in the candies and evolve a magicarp into a fearsome Gyarados:


For each 1 km you walk towing your magicarp, you earn one candy, so it takes about 248.5 miles of walking to earn a Gyarados.

Why would anyone do that? Search me…

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