Apple’s iPhone 7 problem

“Nobody goes there anymore; it’s too crowded” Yogi Berra

Bloomberg is declaring the demise of Apple because they are selling too many iPhones.

Apple Stores are dying

A number of money managers bailed on Apple reassuring each other that Apple has nowhere to go but down. The iPhone7 and the Plus version have some improvements, the most important being a quad processor with gaming quality graphics, and improved cameras.

Bloomberg has stats of the number of people waiting in line on Day One of availability as their evidence that the Apple Store is dying. I’ve never been in an Apple Store that isn’t drowning in people buying stuff.

Apple is drowning in Apple 7 prereorders. The “plus” model with the dual camera and the version with the new black finish are virtually unobtainable. People who are sane and want the new phones preorder the phone for delivery, either directly from Apple or through their cell phone company. Sleeping on the sidewalk for a week to be the first person in line was fun the first time – now it is just silly.

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