Food prices ARE going down

Dropping food prices isn’t my overactive imagination or a local competitive price war. Bloomberg reports that retail food prices have dropped 5%. While some of that is due to increasing competition, it is mostly due to energy being a major factor in food production and distribution.

Trump “could have” hammered Hillary over the Keystone XL pipeline. He “should have” pointed out that Canadians are buying up our railroads and pipelines. I “would have” connected the fracking boom to lower utility bills, dropping food prices and people being able to afford to drive bigger cars – that are not death traps that burn our children to death in fiery crashes.

But he didn’t.

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  1. JayMar says:

    I am disappointed in Trump’s performance. He could have done so much, but being the idiot he is maybe I was expecting a miracle. I will still vote for this imbecile, maybe there is hope he will surround himself with good people. Who knows?

    I haven’t noticed food prices dropping and I am the chief cook and bottle washer at home. I have noticed a large difference in Aldi’s vs. Giant Eagle’s. Aldi is usually about 75% cheaper, they don’t have aisles with the variety-of-same-product.

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