The afternoons are no longer 95°, so now the need for air conditioning goes away.

In a brilliant Marketing move, Niantic is making the app available in many more countries, including in Subsaharan Africa. So now you can catch zubats on the Serengeti plain with wildebeests in the picture.

The Pokémon Go Plus still seems largely unavailable. A version of the game is coming to the Apple Watch soon, which might be why they aren’t gearing up massive production of the device.

Aiming advice if anyone is playing. If you read “advice” to turn off Augmented reality because of battery drain, that is really bad advice. With AR on, the aiming circle tells you the approximate angle to hold the device. That matters – a lot. The goal is to hit the Pokémon right on the nose. When launching the pokéball, hold your elbow up and level with the device. Just swipe straight up – by being “square” your finger goes straight and you don’t torque the device and cause it to move.

A spawn point has appeared that is reachable from my bedroom, which is new. Maybe once an hour, Pokémon are hovering outside.

Ooh, the app update just arrived with bonuses for achievement medals and Pokégym changes

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  1. Fred Stiening says:

    PETA opposes Pokémon. They don’t like the idea of people catching make believe animals and making them fight each other

  2. Fred Stiening says:

    The Pokémon spawn within reach of my bedroom spawns once an hour like clockwork at :03 past the hour. It seems logical that would be true everywhere. I haven’t seen anyone notice that. No sign of Pokémon go plus devices. They probably were diverted to new customers in Uganda

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