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Pokémon are in love I need to get outside this weekend and figure out why the Pokémon go plus isn’t vibrating. Carrying your baby on the outside seems so much more practical.

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Pokémon Go update

At 5 o’clock this morning, Walmart emailed me that the Pokémon go plus was in stock and could be shipped to my local Walmart for pick up by Saturday. Figuring that I had lucked out by being awake early in … Continue reading

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Breaking news!

Totally incredibly fantastically huge! Pokémon Go is now available while walking using your Apple Watch!

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The afternoons are no longer 95°, so now the need for air conditioning goes away. In a brilliant Marketing move, Niantic is making the app available in many more countries, including in Subsaharan Africa. So now you can catch zubats … Continue reading

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“Up”town Charlotte is the mother lode of pokéness Each blue dot is a pokéstop where you pick up supplies, each red dot is a Pokégym where the three factions battle for “control” of the gym for somewhat dubious benefits.  It … Continue reading

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Zack’s Hamburgers

It’s 1975 all over again. While Pokémoning Sunday, I bumped into Zach’s Hamburgers at South Boulevard and Scaleybark Road Like 90% of the non-national restaurants in Charlotte, the 2nd most Bibled city in America, the place was closed on the … Continue reading

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I knocked over my first Pokegym today

The Scaleybark Light Rail station is abuzz with Pokemon activity, primarily because it is festooned with a series of very large art works (undoubtedly very expensive). One of those large disks is a Pokégym, the venue where virtual dogfights occur. … Continue reading

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Dive N, or welcome to Pineville, NC

Dive N will not be mistaken for a Charlotte Restaurant. Nobody here cares about their BMI, FICO™ score, or cholesterol level. It has a Pokégym which is why I took the time to read their menu online. They serve livermush … Continue reading

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