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Pokémon are in love

Friday, February 10th, 2017

I need to get outside this weekend and figure out why the Pokémon go plus isn’t vibrating. Carrying your baby on the outside seems so much more practical.

Pokémon Go update

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017

At 5 o’clock this morning, Walmart emailed me that the Pokémon go plus was in stock and could be shipped to my local Walmart for pick up by Saturday.

Figuring that I had lucked out by being awake early in the morning, I went ahead and immediately bought one. Whether I will have the time to use it, only time will tell. I’ve been patiently waiting for this since September. Things that are worth having are worth waiting for.

Breaking news!

Friday, December 23rd, 2016

Totally incredibly fantastically huge!

Pokémon Go is now available while walking using your Apple Watch!


Wednesday, October 12th, 2016

The afternoons are no longer 95°, so now the need for air conditioning goes away.

In a brilliant Marketing move, Niantic is making the app available in many more countries, including in Subsaharan Africa. So now you can catch zubats on the Serengeti plain with wildebeests in the picture.

The Pokémon Go Plus still seems largely unavailable. A version of the game is coming to the Apple Watch soon, which might be why they aren’t gearing up massive production of the device.

Aiming advice if anyone is playing. If you read “advice” to turn off Augmented reality because of battery drain, that is really bad advice. With AR on, the aiming circle tells you the approximate angle to hold the device. That matters – a lot. The goal is to hit the Pokémon right on the nose. When launching the pokéball, hold your elbow up and level with the device. Just swipe straight up – by being “square” your finger goes straight and you don’t torque the device and cause it to move.

A spawn point has appeared that is reachable from my bedroom, which is new. Maybe once an hour, Pokémon are hovering outside.

Ooh, the app update just arrived with bonuses for achievement medals and Pokégym changes


Sunday, August 28th, 2016

“Up”town Charlotte is the mother lode of pokéness


Each blue dot is a pokéstop where you pick up supplies, each red dot is a Pokégym where the three factions battle for “control” of the gym for somewhat dubious benefits.  It helps to know that downtown was built aligned to the Southern RR that runs from Atlanta to Richmond, which is why “up”town is not a grid that aligns north and south.  It also predates the USGS surveys done in the 1890s that split the country into one mile squares called sections.

The problem is you can’t play Pokémon and drive.  Finding on street parking during the week is a little hard.  It’s too warm in the afternoons for an old guy with a cane to walk around.  So on Sunday morning, few people will be in uptown, unless the transgender teacher union is having a convention.  So it should be easier to pull into parking spots – no need to feed parking meters on weekends.  Even during the week, they are $1 an hour, reasonable by Chicago standards.

So that was basically the case – more traffic than I expected, but a lot less than weekdays.  But there was one little piece of uptown where parking spaces were in high demand – Romare Bearden Park, across the street from the baseball stadium, and surrounded by new high rise buildings under construction.


It didn’t take long to figure out this park is the epicenter of pokésociety.  It turns out there have been gatherings here of 1,000 people playing Pokémon.  There are 7 pokéstops inside the park and several dozen within a couple blocks.

You might be wondering who Romare Bearden is/was.  He was a native of Charlotte who went on to fame in New York City creating works of art picturing black life in America.   Many uptown residents want to believe they are living on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, but at cut rate prices.  This park is Harlem.  Bearden was born in Charlotte,,but had no real roots here.  The park exists to reassure Northern liberals that they are not part of the South, but rather embrace the enlightened diverse New South – as long as the black people don’t move into their building.

Zack’s Hamburgers

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

It’s 1975 all over again.

While Pokémoning Sunday, I bumped into Zach’s Hamburgers at South Boulevard and Scaleybark Road

Like 90% of the non-national restaurants in Charlotte, the 2nd most Bibled city in America, the place was closed on the Day of rest. I looked at the menu though, and it was about 80% identical to the place I worked at when I turned 16 in 1971

Zack’s menu.

I made it there today just at high noon. The building looks like it had been a Burger Chef (remember those?) or maybe a very old McDonald’s or Hardees – a building within a building, with the seating area added on later.


If you’re an Obama lovin’ vegan from Seattle, you ain’t coming here and be around the “little people” who keep America working. No avacado salad here, sorry. They even had the same Taylor shake machine from the 1970s. All in all, it lived up to my expectations. Next time I would avoid the noon rush, though. Here was my 8 oz hamburger steak plate


Original Bell’s sign


I knocked over my first Pokegym today

Sunday, August 7th, 2016


The Scaleybark Light Rail station is abuzz with Pokemon activity, primarily because it is festooned with a series of very large art works (undoubtedly very expensive). One of those large disks is a Pokégym, the venue where virtual dogfights occur. There are three teams – very early on, you have to choose a team, and it is a permanent choice. ArtStoneCLT is on team valor, the Red Team.

Each Pokégym is controlled by a team. You don’t necessarily have to know the other people that control a gym to join it. Members of the other two teams can try to “take over” the gym. Each member defending the gym can leave one Pokémon to fight off attackers. Pokémon don’t die when they are defeated – they “faint”. They can be revived and healed to battle again. Unless the defenders are physically present within about 150 feet of the gym, if you knock off one of the defenders, it doesn’t get replaced. Make every defender faint, and the gym is yours!

The combat is very simplistic and the long term benefit of controlling gyms is not yet clear.

Here is my awesome killer Pokémon


Dive N, or welcome to Pineville, NC

Saturday, July 30th, 2016

Dive N will not be mistaken for a Charlotte Restaurant. Nobody here cares about their BMI, FICO™ score, or cholesterol level. It has a Pokégym which is why I took the time to read their menu online. They serve livermush and fried bologna. My kind of place



Pineville is a small village that had the misfortune of Charlotte growing into it. When the city built the $580 million 9 mile LRV line, Pineville said “Hell No”. Not only did they not want to share the operating costs, they didn’t want an easy way for the “ghetto” druggies to move here. Pineville is actually one of the few areas around here where there is a racially integrated population.