Chris Plante gets national syndication deal

With Johnny B leaving Westwood One, Chris Plante was a pretty obvious choice. By conforming to the 9AM-noon (ET) time block, the show becomes an easy choice to replace Glenn Beck or perhaps Laura Ingraham. Brandmeier is leaving in early 2017

Imus also had his contact renewed

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3 Responses to Chris Plante gets national syndication deal

  1. briand75 says:

    Too bad the days of the hapless immature jock are over. I always liked Johnny B. I will have to check out Chris Plante. You could replace Beck or Ingraham with Hillary for all I care. Two larger “duds” I can’t imagine.

  2. Parrott says:

    Chris is sarcastic funny Briand75, He’s good. He likes using references from classic movies, for funnies while making fun of loser politicians. He does hit on republicans too. He does not like Mitch McConnell ( well thats easy) .
    His humor is good, and his impersonations of the politicians are hilarious. Good energy and won’t put you to sleep. It took a while to start liking his show, but I enjoy listening to it while at work.
    Beck flew off the rails a good while back, I can’t stand to listen to Beck and his hyena’s anymore. its still the same, I’ll check every once and while. Bat guano is a good description of the Beck circus. He had a lot of listeners but run them off. I see a lot of former listeners complaining about him on other forums. I burnt his books back in the summer while camping.
    Good for Chris.


  3. JayMar says:

    The first time I heard Plante was a couple of months ago when he subbed for Rush. I liked the guy so I listen to WMAL every morning. I cannot listen to Beck, it has been a couple of years and Glenn has gone down the deep end. I will listen to Gallagher once in a while. Plante sounds alive and I suspect he will be the voice of Conservatives in the near future.

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