Michigan E-Pollbook

Quite entertaining on so many levels. It confirms my suspicion about Ann Arbor. A key part of this new system is it relies on scanning the Driver’s license to automatically pull up the voter registration, including whether the person already voted absentee. Since Michigan has no history of racism, I guess they can demand IDs

The technology is interesting – the software runs on a laptop and appears to be written in Microsoft Access or the .NET equivalent, storing the data onto a thumb drive.

Because college towns are historically a problem – students with out of state driver licenses claiming to be residents in their college town, this process breaks down quickly. Without a Michigan driver’s license or state ID, they probably were given provisional ballots to check to see if the already voted “back home”

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  1. TheChairman says:

    We’re waaay up north (Cheboygan area) and the precinct workers request and scan driver’s licenses up here. If you can’t produce ID, you are given a provisional ballot.

  2. haiti222 says:

    In my Oakland County precinct they have the mark sense ballot and they scan ID at the polls in a separate step. For absentee, I think they verify or enter the drivers license manually. They have trouble with the many people that have enhanced drivers licenses in Michigan.

    Surprising for having Republican Secretaries of State since the venerable Richard Austin left, Michigan is the only red (or even purple) state to have EDLs, as they have even more interconnected with the Feds than the somewhat controversial Secure Drivers License requirements.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      I expect about the first week of February to see homeland security boarding up the Detroit Windsor tunnel. Problem solved.

      How is the streetcar coming along?

    • Fred Stiening says:

      I have fond memories of Richard Austin, or at least the organization he ran. When I moved to Charlotte in 1977, the state of NC had an incredibly awful system for license plate renewal / registration. Every license plate expired on February 1st. That meant everyone in the state had to go to the DMV every January in person with the registration form and proof of insurance. As you got toward the end of the month, the lines got insane. A side effect was the Secretary of State had way too many employees the rest of the year sitting around doing nothing trying to look busy.

      When I moved to Michigan in 1982, it was night and day. I felt like I was the customer, not the next walking corpse sitting on a folding chair with a bakery number sticker. It is memorable in the aspect that I remember very little about it.

  3. haiti222 says:

    The Q-line has a test car that is supposed to be testing the tracks. The stations are not there, but they have signs that say Quicken Loans will be putting a station there. The transit millage failed because of Macomb County (Trump voters anyone?). It was a 4 county measure that would have given money to the RTA (an overlay on top of 3 other transit systems) that was created to accept some federal funds for the private Q-line. They put out a huge plan and were going to take over the Q eventually (and maybe merge or coordinate SMART, DDOT, and AATA.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      Washington DC was in “testing mode” for around a year. In Charlotte, testing lasted a couple weeks, resulting in a crash the first week of operation.

      The extension of the Gold Line to Johnson C Smith has been funded, and the Blue Line extension out to UNCC should open next year. The plan to build a $500 million train station so that the commuter rail travelers from New Jersey have a safe warm terminal to shelter them from winter blizzards is in limbo.

      Trump seems agreeable to massive funding on transportation projects.

  4. haiti222 says:

    Richard Austin ran the office as a true professional where the last 15 years of his career, he knew that was his job and was all he was going to do. Indiana had politically appointed License Branches, and they were all over the map.

  5. Parrott says:

    Michigan was awarded to Trump today.

  6. Parrott says:

    I am pretty sure it was Chris Plante saying it yesterday on his show. He was yapping about landslide for Trump, 309 is a landslide he said.
    He run it into the ground pretty good, I think that’s how I remembered it.
    Maybe someone else on here heard it too, and can validate me, ( I hope) .

    Real clear politics has it broke down by county, choose your state:

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