From my overstuffed mailbox

You may know and/or remember that I voted in the Democratitic primary for Bernie Sanders as part of operation chaos. Not surprisingly, the volume of 20th century mailers made from dead trees has zoomed up.

The Christopher McPherson wrote this heart wrenching appeal directly to me (or current resident) on official Democratic Party stationary from Raleigh. I’ve been unable to find anyone in North Carolina who fits his self description. He is probably as real as Johnny Appleseed.

With President Trump needing his full attention on his new job, it is pretty clear his daughter Ivanka will play an even bigger job in the running of the third generation of the Trump empire and may be he his designated successor. Contrast that with the Clinton Foundation where all the highly paid senior management are men.


You already voted!
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  1. Fred Stiening says:

    After further research, he is the Youth Campaign coordinator for Donna Edwards. She is currently in the US House and was running to fill the US Senate seat in Maryland from retiring Barbara Mikulski. The racist misogynistic Democratic voters of Maryland rejected a qualified black woman in the primary and instead chose a white middle aged Harvard lawyer who was born in Pakistan, son of a career State Department employee. Voters in Maryland chose him over a female Republican this week. Glass ceiling, indeed

  2. JayMar says:

    The Univ of Pitt’s snowflakes are up in arms because Trump won so the chancellor had to write a letter to them:

    Dear University Community,

    Tuesday, for the 58th time in our country’s history, we followed a process defined in our Constitution to elect a new president to office, thus beginning a leadership transition that is a hallmark of our democracy. However, this election feels different. It followed a long and intensely acrimonious campaign that exposed deep divisions in our country. While fierce debate and profound differences are part of all campaigns, this one was more negative, personal and polarizing than any in recent memory. And many of us have experienced post-election reactions that were powerfully personal and emotional.

    I had a chance to walk around campus yesterday and talk to students, faculty and staff. I saw our community members supporting one another through engagement, companionship and dialog (and even a few group hugs). For some, this is a difficult time, and the University has many resources available to you, should you need them.

    As individuals, our role is not limited to selecting new leadership. Values and beliefs don’t disappear with the act of voting. The post-election period is one of change. For the government, it begins a time of transition to a new administration and Congress. For us, it marks a time of transition from voters to citizens who have a role in our democratic process and who must re-engage in the shared task of addressing the challenges and opportunities we face as a country. This is a beginning, not an end.

    Not everything is in transition. Our University was founded before the U.S. Constitution was written, and our purpose—to improve human lives and our society through knowledge—is as important today as it ever was. Learning and discovery are made possible through values of respect, inclusion, integrity and freedom of expression. This is why we remain committed to these values and why supporting diversity and an inclusive environment are vital priorities for our University. I believe that what our country needs most during this time of change is precisely what we can best offer: an ability to work together to deepen our understanding of critical problems and an ability to work together to develop solutions to these very problems.


    Pat Gallagher

  3. JayMar says:

    I think Carnegie-Mellon is joining the sad losers.

  4. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    My favorite related comment was not in the letter but in Hillary’s TV commercials – she asked how we could elect anyone to the office who thinks it is ok to rate women from 1 – 10.

    I was gobsmacked. Have we ever elected anyone to that office who did not think that was ok? Why would she expect the owner of a beauty pageant to think different ?

    The Democrats prided themselves this election with their Schmidt / Google detailed voter profiles. You received a letter that was intended only to go out only to men that have underage daughters. Had you been a woman in their database, you would have gotten one of their glass ceiling letters.

    I don’t know what letters they had for the Ze, Zir and Zem voters, and suspect not many SRG readers got them per my own mental database profile of SRG readers. lol

  5. JayMar says:

    The info below was sent to me by a relative of my wife in Scotland, where some liberals consider themselves to be the masters of true liberalism:

    I’m gonna copy pasta myself: This is really so easy. This could have ALL been avoided if the left didn’t abandon the values of classic liberalism (freedom of speech, thought, association…etc). How to stop Trump:

    1. STOP, for the LOVE of GOD, STOP peddling identity politics. Trump voters – working class people – despise it. [They know what you’re doing – it’s obvious.
    2. STOP treating ethnicity, gender, sexuality and religion as a proxy for class warfare; you are trying to displace them by creating a new under-class and stoking ethnocentrism, gynocentrism and tribalism for the purpose of manufacturing a new electorate and a globalised, supranational governance that NO-ONE wants.

    3. STOP speaking about groups, start speaking about individuals (you know, actual liberalism).

    4. Stop polarising ALL debate. Just because you aren’t rabidly pro-feminism, it doesn’t make you a misogynist. Just because you aren’t rabidly in favour of the EU, it doesn’t make you a fascist. Just because you don’t support black lives matter, it doesn’t make you a white supremacist. Just because you don’t support SSM, it doesn’t make you a homophobe.

    5. Stop pushing third world mass immigration for the purposes of creating a new electorate that will vote for you in the future. They know what you’re doing. Every group in US is opposed to illegal third world mass immigration that further depresses wages down and decreases social cohesion. Even Hispanics are opposed to mass immigration, and are more conservative – on a policy basis – and religious than white males.

    6. Stop preaching cultural relativism; if you oppose something for one identity, oppose it for ALL identities. Murder doesn’t suddenly become more acceptable because the perpetrator is Islamic; sexism doesn’t become more acceptable because the perpetrator is female; racism doesn’t become more acceptable because the hatred is being spewed at white men.

    Get it? Until all of this STOPS, until we start to assign rights and responsibilities at the level of the individual and not the group, until all of the incessant shaming, self-loathing and guilt-tripping subsides, this will get infinitely worse.

    If you’re one of these so called progressive millennials who is throwing a tantrum over a democratic vote and lashing out at white people on social media and [shutting down roads, or a leftist foreigner from Europe/Canada/etc going on the Internet and bashing America for going against your globalism and neo-progressive politics, and you want to know what caused Trump the just look in the mirror.

    You created Trump.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      My niece and nephew can’t conceive that once upon a time there were Conservative Democrats, and still are in local politics in the South. They always assumed that I’m a Republican because I would challenge their liberal / progressive beliefs. You may notice I do the same thing here to you “right wing Conservatives”. If what you believe is true, a gadfly poking at you won’t change your opinions 😉 what I abhor is people who strongly believe things but have no idea why.

      • JayMar says:

        I was always a Southern Democrat, and when I moved to NY I realized the party was not the same. Heck, Wallace got two votes in Brooklyn, my dad’s and mine. We didn’t agree with him 100% but we knew where Wallace stood. When his wife Lurleen died I sent him a deepest sympathy telegram, which he answered. Now, I don’t hate anyone based on race, I would vote for Allen West in a heartbeat. But…I am against the trashing of the Confederate Flag, IT’S HISTORY. My great-great grandfather was Capt. J. Garza M. was a member of the 7th Reg, TX Vol under Col. Navarro. What many Socialists miss is the fact that many blacks served honorably in the CSA and their memory is honored by all today.

  6. JayMar says:

    Just heard the market is +254 at noon time.

  7. Good old West Virginia. Trump gets 69 percent of the vote, yet they elect a Democrat governor at the same time. Voters in some places don’t seem to know you can zigzag across the ballot but West Virginians do it reliably year after year.

    • Parrott says:

      True , Jim Justice Governor elect, is the current owner of The Greenbriar. He bought it from CSX Transportation. He has turned it around, put a casino in the basement of it and has big golf tournaments again like back in the days when Sam Snead played there. But they had 200 year flood there this summer and washed the town of White Sulfur springs away along with the ‘Old White’ course.
      Jim is way better democrat than that jackass pharma weasel senator Manchin from West Virginia.
      Jim says he can work with Trump on bringing back coal mining. I hope so, there is a lot of poor people hoping. I feel so sorry for those folks.

      • Fred Stiening says:

        So the secret end of the world atomic war bunker is now a casino?

        • Parrott says:

          Yeah the bunker is there with a museum type display and let you walk around in there.
          The basement area and lead area is casino, that info was from one of my uncles that visited there, but that was a good while back. Justice had to have Greenbrier county revise the county ordnance to allow it and put it to a vote.
          Its high end.

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