Finding new streams

When the “needs review” scanner looks at a station, near the end it looks to see if the stream has changed (or been added for a station that didn’t used to stream)

First it looks to see if the current stream appears in the text of the page. Because there are so many ways to hide the name, not finding a match is still OK, maybe. A button is offered up to test the stream if you enjoy doing that, along with several actions.

If there was no exact match, all of the links on the page are scanned for likely streaming links. On the first pass, it looks for a match on callsign. If there are players, but none match, then it displays the possibilities (many players use a number assigned by the streaming compan, bit the call sign. If the stream exactly matches another station’s stream, it probably isn’t the right stream. Many owners list the streams of all their stations on the same page.

If you find a list like this:

img_1635We happen to be looking at KMOR

The one that is a stream that isn’t a known stream, might be new – but be careful with AM/FM combos that you have the right station. It might be a simulcast, it might not. It can be very hard to tell. In this case, there is no KMOR-AM and the player is playing Rock music, the expected format. Click Yes! And we have one more streaming station to add to the collection.

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