The raw power of being the czar

When looking at stations in the format where you are Czar, the scanner attempts to draw your attention to words in the title, keywords, or text of a web page which tend to confirm or refute the category. This is in addition to highlighting the words in the format name, the call sign, the city, the frequency and the owner’s name. Long term the goal is to assign a probability that the web site is correct and the station is in the right category.

If you are the Czar of a format, you have the ability to fine tune the definition of your category.
Other than if they say “#1 hits”, what are other “markers” that give a high degree of confidence the station belongs in #1 hits and not Top 40, Party Music or Urban Contemporary?

You control that through the Format Editor


Other than helping you, there is no real effect (yet). The list is only visible to czars and only affects the behavior of the scanner.

Related shows are names and hosts that would belong in this category. Conservative Talk would be the best example. The opposite format will take the qualities of that format and mark them in red. The goal is not so much to state polar opposites as much as to distinguish between similar formats. For the “full service” format that is Mom and Pop down home stations with Obituaries, Today in History, Ag Reports and Lotto Numbers, Conservative Talk is an opposite format. If the station carries Limbaugh, Savage and Lars Larson, it probably has morphed into Conservative Talk and should be moved.

Markers are a list of words or phrases that would be a strong indicator the station was in the right category. Artist or group names would be appropriate. AntiMarkers are the opposite, and usually more obvious. Pink Floyd or the Beatles probably should not appear on a #1 hits station.

There is no practical limit to how how many markers or anti markers you add. You’ll get tired long before the server does.

Muddying the waters, don’t forget that owners often put multiple stations on the same page – just because you are looking for an ESPN sports station and you see Classic Country everywhere doesn’t mean there isn’t a tiny logo in the corner. Start with the assumption the current category is correct.

So after you update the format rules, the changes will show up with the next page refresh. Because there is also a “Top 40” format, the phrase top 40 may suggest that is a better choice. It also might suggest they are the same format đŸ˜‰


Decisions, decisions…

I’m definitely agreeable to combining or splitting categories if you are willing to do the work of moving things around.

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  1. Fred Stiening says:

    As a bonus, if the station is tied to a syndicator (ESPN, for example), network shows will by highlighted, shows for a different network appear in red, hinting at a network change

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