Wisconsin recount almost completed

Milwaukee County reported last night their recount is complete – however the count of absentee and provisional ballots is not – however with all the other recounting done, the various piles are sorted out. This was day 9 of the recount – they have been averaging about 10% a day

ballots cast:       Trump         Hillary
2,939,293	1,404,440	1,381,823

Recounted so far  (89%)
2,635,670	1,290,293	1,206,907

* note that most of the uncounted are in Milwaukee so don’t go crazy like Alex Jones and note that Trump is 83,000 ballots ahead.

City of Milwaukee
243,694	           45,167	   188,653   (Election Day)
182,325	           37,462	   136,574   (recounted)
61,369	            7,705	    52,079   (Absentee / provisional)

Note that if every single trump ballot in Milwaukee was torn up, he still wins

Not surprisingly most of the incomplete recounts are in Madison, aka Berkeley East

So reflecting the adjustments of the fully completed recounts

Jill Stein         +63
Gary Johnson       +66
Hillary Clinton   +609  (Net +49)
Donald J Trump    +560

Most of these number changes were votes rejected by the machines, but examined by humans for voter intent (the electronic equivalent of hanging chads)

day 9

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19 Responses to Wisconsin recount almost completed

  1. Fred Stiening says:

    The hearing to end the recount in Pennsylvania started at 1 PM. Partial recounts were completed to determine if error rates were significant. They were not. Since Tuesday is the deadline, a full recount of the entire state is impossible.

    Chester County (suburban Philadelphia) is doing a hand recount. Many parts of Pennsylvania still use voting machines that neither use a paper input document nor produce a printed audit trail, so are impossible to recount.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      The judge in Pennsylvania will issue his ruling on Monday. Given that the deadline for certifying the election is Tuesday, an order to recount the entire state by hand seems unlikely. A machine recount in Wisconsin took 10 days. With the error rate so low and the margin so big, it would be absolutely irresponsible to order a recount now. Jill Stein had the opportunity before and after the elections to challenge the security of the voting machines. A month later makes no sense on any level.

      The irony is not lost on Alex Jones that he was the primary force back in 2000 making up stuff about the hackability of voting machines.

  2. blsumner says:

    Wisconsin should sue Jill Stein personally (Not her Campaign Organization) for the bill for the recount.

  3. Fred Stiening says:

    Today is the US Senate runoff in Louisiana. Last I looked, the Republican was 20 points ahead

  4. Fred Stiening says:

    Day 10 of the Wisconsin recount is complete – 96%

    Jill Stein           +68
    Gary Johnson         +76
    Hillary Clinton     +653  (Net +25)
    Donald J Trump      +628
  5. Fred Stiening says:

    Dane County (home of Madison) finished their recount Saturday night

    Hillary got +172, of which 64 were already in the above numbers.

  6. Fred Stiening says:

    Donald J Trump is going to be in Wisconsin on Tuesday

    Day 11 is complete – 97.5% counted

    Jill Stein            +68
    Gary Johnson          +76
    Hillary Clinton      +691  (Net +63)
    Donald J Trump       +628
    Total votes cast     2,939,293
    Recounted            2,868,041
    Left to count           71,252
    Milwaukee recount       61,369
    Other recount            9,883 (Stanley, Verona,  Sparta, Tomahawk, Carson, Racine)
  7. Fred Stiening says:

    What happens if Milwaukee fails to finish counting their ballots by 5 PM after 11 days of counting?

    One reasonably authoritative person at Hotair says that the state commission has the option to end the recount and declare that the original count stands

    The “safe harbor” provision that kicks in tomorrow is about as confusing as lawyerese can get

    It sounds like if Stein wants to keep the fight going, it is over tomorrow, no matter what. The Wisconsin Election Commission has the last word.

    The decision by the judge in Pennsylvania is so scathing that any lawyer wanting to keep this going will have his ass handed to him/her. Day 12 is not posted online yet – presumably the final result will be posted online by noon tomorrow

  8. JayMar says:

    Hillary lost again and Jill Stein is laughing all the way to the bank and going on an all-expense paid cruise throughout all the world. She will be mailing thank you postcards to all her supporters.

  9. Fred Stiening says:

    The reason for the last day swing toward Trump

    In Ward 34 in Milwaukee, the vote was reported as 795 for Hillary, and 8 for Trump

    The actual vote was Hillary got 795 and Trump,got 254

    An honest mistake – really!

  10. Fred Stiening says:

    NY Times headline “Pennsylvania and Wisconsin End Election Recount Efforts”

    No, Wisconconsin completed its recount and Trump gained votes. NY Times are such weasels

  11. Parrott says:

    >”Stein has opened Pandora’s box in Detroit… next stop, Fort Marcy Park.” <
    L_O_L ! So true, she better watch, she took the cash and ran,

    Did you all hear Chris plant today? He said he wanted to know what Hilliary was doing, and he continued,,,
    Sitting on the couch in a velour jump suit, with a big jar of Peanut Butter,,, and Huma,,,
    He's killer, I laughed,

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