How will the Senate Confirmations go?

Donald J Trump is not shying away from making controversial choices for his cabinet and senior aides. With only 52 Senators who identify as Republicans, these hearings will probably be as contentious as the election, and some of the enemy fire will come from Republicans – specifically John McCain who still doesn’t understand why America rejected him, but loves Donald Trump.

There is no reason to think Trump’s war with the media is going to stop, nor that the media won’t continue to step in his carefully laid traps. Chuck Schumer strikes me as a smart enough guy and an opportunist who will restrain the Democratic Senators and stand aside while the civil war inside the Republican Party plays out. There are lots of fireworks all stored too close together just waiting for a spark.

Whether the Senate changes cloture won’t matter a lot. The Trump coalition is fragile enough that only people or things the Democrats want will sail through the Senate. The Senate is a deliberate choke point to stifle an overly ambitious President. Unlike a corporation, the President and CEO doesn’t choose the board of directors. Everyone has a boss, sometimes it isn’t so obvious who.

How do you think this will work out? How will a Fox News spin the confirmation hearings?

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  1. briand75 says:

    McCain didn’t like the thought that getting shot down means you were a so-so pilot who ran out of luck. Surviving 5 years in the hands of the NVA does count for something, but McCain used up all that “love” about 40 years ago.

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