Is Donald Trump going to cause a baby boom?

After World War two ended, couples (including my parents) were deferring thoughts of family stuff, and the pent up demand broke loose with a boom felt around the world.

I have the sense that the 44th president, whose name I cannot remember, caused entire generation of young people to be fearful about the future.

Now we have the President of the United States setting the example of passionately holding the hand of the prime minister of the United Kingdom

My apologies for not giving attribution for whichever photographer took this picture at the White House. Forget Camelot – unless I’m misreading the body language, Trump is being a role model of what a man should be to the millions of young people maybe getting the message that is OK for men to like women and vice versa. Maybe it’s time to invest in factories that make wedding cakes, even if they won’t make one that is for gay people.

Just looking at the statistics here, people seem to be away doing other kinds of things. Eight years is a long time to wait.

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  1. Fred Stiening says:

    According the the Mirror, May was helping Trump, who doesn’t like stairs. The video looks like that may be tye explanation

  2. Parrott says:

    Yeah ! OKay, I’m in !
    Great Pic


    • countess robini says:

      me, too, parrott.

      about ten years ago i was coming home from philly on a commuter train. a young woman got on with four kids — a little boy about eight, a pre-schooler, a toddler and an infant in a stroller. (they had gotten on in camden, nj, one of the poorest and most violent cities in america.)

      we got off at the same stop, a station with no elevator and a long, steep stairwell down to the street. i saw her hesitate at the top of the steps so I went over to help. (essentially pointless but i try to be kind.)

      out of nowhere a big tall football-type guy (college age) comes over and says, “I’ll help you.” the mom bends over to take the baby out of the stroller and the man says, “don’t bother. it’s ok.” he then picks up the stroller WITH THE BABY IN IT and starts down the steps.

      at that moment, i looked over at the little boy. he was taking it all in and his eyes were wide with amazement at what this man was doing. i immediately knew two things:

      1. this little kid lived in a world where the men don’t behave like real men. the women and kids are on their own

      2. he wanted to grow up to be just like the man who was helping his mom

      there is an old saying: no man stands taller than when he bend down to help a woman or a child.

      • Fred Stiening says:

        I had my car at the repair shop a few weeks ago, and while I was waiting a family with three or four children came in and sat down. I could not decide if they were Japanese or Chinese, but it was a completely functional family unit. Everyone knew the part that they were playing.

        A woman who I have been chatting it up about the good old times in Charlotte started warming up to their kids, and they were hesitant at first . The woman had a dog with her, and she was terrified the kids would be afraid of her dog – but they made nice . Dogs are great way to break the ice when meeting new people

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