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Is Donald Trump going to cause a baby boom?

Saturday, January 28th, 2017

After World War two ended, couples (including my parents) were deferring thoughts of family stuff, and the pent up demand broke loose with a boom felt around the world.

I have the sense that the 44th president, whose name I cannot remember, caused entire generation of young people to be fearful about the future.

Now we have the President of the United States setting the example of passionately holding the hand of the prime minister of the United Kingdom

My apologies for not giving attribution for whichever photographer took this picture at the White House. Forget Camelot – unless I’m misreading the body language, Trump is being a role model of what a man should be to the millions of young people maybe getting the message that is OK for men to like women and vice versa. Maybe it’s time to invest in factories that make wedding cakes, even if they won’t make one that is for gay people.

Just looking at the statistics here, people seem to be away doing other kinds of things. Eight years is a long time to wait.

Is the government exaggerating hurricane threats?

Friday, October 7th, 2016

Rush has pushed himself into the middle of this controversy, accusing NOAA, NASA, FEMA and the National Weather Service of hyping the danger of hurricanes in part to further the narrative about “global climate change”

This definitely has some truth to it – whether it is for the reason Rush states is less clear. When I was a child of the 1960s, there were no weather satellites, no doppler radars. The primary way the power of a hurricane was measured was to send a slow moving propeller driven airplane through the eye wall of the storm to measure it. The plane only measured the one spot and only several times a day. Secondary data was reports from ships and launching helium balloons to measure barometric pressure.

Now we have second by second measurement of the storm and categorize the storm by the tiniest spot seen in the radar. We start tracking pre-hurricanes weeks before they may arrive and give them names for storms that will never approach within 1000 miles of land.

Do you agree with Rush?

FDA bans Dial soap

Saturday, September 3rd, 2016

The FDA has announced a ban on most antimicrobial soaps, claiming ordinary soap and water is just as effective.

NBC News

This issue has been bouncing around the nanny state for quite a while. The FDA’s main point seems to be that the antibacterial agents don’t actually accomplish anything, rather than citing realistic evidence of harm. Sure, if you feed 100 bars of dial soap to a cow, it starts to foam at the mouth…

I’ve been toying with writing a speculative piece about “where have all the bacteria gone?”. I’m open to the possibility I’m crazy, but it seems like milk no longer spoils, no matter how old it is, bread no longer grows mold. We recently learned that children who are raised in a home with a dishwasher are more likely to develop allergies, because their immune systems are never challenged with weak pathogens, so they don’t develop the normal defenses. When a real pathogen shows up, the front door is wide open.

I’ve used Dial soap for 40 years. It’s a trap, and I accepted that. When I’m in a situation where Dial soap is not available, the rebound effect is obvious, as the microbes have a field day. Would things stabilize after a week of the microbes fighting each other for control? I guess I’ll be forced to find out.

Remember that transfat margarines are much healthier than butter! The FDA was sure that was true.

My Cheetos are genetically modified

Sunday, August 28th, 2016

Frito Lay has been made a target by the GMO free lobby. Most corn growing states being solid Republican has absolutely nothing to do with this campaign.

Vermont started the demand for GMO labeling and Congress just passed a law requiring better disclosure.

Let’s talk about cheese. If you have noticed that veal has vanished from the supermarkets and restaurants, it isn’t just because people got upset at eating baby cattle. Making cheese requires using rennet, which contains Chymosin – an enzyme found in the stomachs of calves. Chymosin is used by the calf to digest its mother’s milk. Making cheese meant killing the calf, harvesting the 4th stomach and extracting the rennet. The rennet is then added to big vats of milk to cause the curds to form which become cheese. Rennet is a catalyst that speeds up the process. It is not consumed by the cheese making, but too difficult to recover.

The need for rennet meant raising cattle for the purpose of getting the rennet, which greatly limited the availability and price of cheese. In the 1990s, scientists began to experiment with using bacteria, mold, and yeast to create Chymosin – by splicing animal DNA into the microbes. After the Chymosin is produced, the host microbes are filtered out and any stray DNA is killed. Enzymes are not alive – they are proteins that speed up a biological process. They have no DNA.

Chymosin produced from microbes are identical to Chymosin taken from calf stomachs. Upwards of 90% of cheese today is made from a process that relies on genetically modified organisms. GMO dependent cheese is not required to be labeled as containing GMO.

GMO corn has several purposes. Monsanto can inject DNA that prevents a corn plant from dying from Roundup (glyphosate), a herbicide used to kill weeds. Roundup works in all plants by blocking an enzyme used by plants to create cells. Glyphosphate is absorbed by the leaves and migrates to the roots to kill the plant, which happens very quickly.

The enzyme targeted by glyphosphate is not present in animals. You would have to drink a glass of pure glyphosate to get sick, and that is likely from the surfactants, not the glyphosphate.

Glyphosphate is quickly absorbed into the surrounding soil and is broken down by microbes into harmless amino acids in as little as a few days, which is why you can replant your lawn in a week.

Another way corn is GMO modified is to have the corn create resistance to corn borers. Genes from a bacteria normally present in soil creates a protein that kills the larvae of the corn borer when they try to eat the plant. The GMO splicing targets the production of that protein to only certain parts of the plant. Are you a corn borer? I didn’t think so.

Scared yet? Bored?

NATO chief – Russia is behind the anti-fracking movement

Tuesday, April 12th, 2016

[Written June 29, 2014]

This is one of the longest standing beliefs of Rush Limbaugh – that Greenpeace and other environmental groups are motivated by forces wanting to destroy the US economic influence, not really protect the environment

The case for GMOs

Wednesday, July 15th, 2015

Vitamin A deficiency kills a lot of children, and leaves much of the developing world with night blindness. I have night blindness, which may or may not be caused by Vitamin A Deficiency. (VAD) the list of foods that contain Vitamin A are mostly not on my diet list.

This is not a medical advice web site. When in doubt, do your own research. Vitamin A is stored in the liver (mostly). Getting too much Vitamin A can cause liver damage and osteoporosis. The largest readily available sources of “preformed” vitamin A is – Liver. Beef Liver, Chicken Livers, cod liver oil (yuck!). Beta carotene in vegetables (Dandelion greens, Spinach, kale, carrots, sweet potatoes) is a vitamin A precursor that your body will gladly convert to real A – but only if your body needs it and your fat absorption is not broken. The only consequence of too much beta carotene from Carrots is you start looking like Homer Simpson. Milk, Eggs and cheese also contain A in small quantities.

Poor people in vegetarian countries (and stupid vegans in rich countries) wind up with VAD which results in weak immune systems, damage to the eyes, and impairment of the DNA copying mechanism needed to replace old cells with new.

The UN estimates around 500,000 children a year die from VAD. A number of years ago, a company uses GMO to splice carotene production into rice, creating a plant called Golden Rice. Eating this type of rice provides all the necessary beta carotene at around one cup a day. For farmers making less than $10k a year, they are free to replant the GMO seeds without paying patent royalties.

So next time you are accused of being “anti-science”, ask your Progressive friends why they want to kill millions of children by denying them access to Golden Rice.

Golden Rice Project

Where is the beef [from]?

Monday, May 18th, 2015

This is going to get ugly fast.

The WTO has ruled that you don’t have a right to know where your meat came from.

First is the mitigating factors – steers are frequently not born, raised and slaughtered in the same place. There are probably regulatory and tax rules behind that. This is especially true in Canada. Do you care if a Texas steer was slaughtered across the border in Mexico?

If you happen to pick up a roll of the cheap(?) hamburger at walmart, you find out exactly how global meat production has become. The hamburger (undoubtedly frozen until they put it in the display case) has a long list of countries that might have supplied some of the protein. Argentina is not a huge surprise if you paid attention in Geography class, some others not so much.

What do you want the US Government position to be on country of origin labeling?

WHO wants to ban sugar

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

I guess I missed the scientific double blind studies connecting sugar with cancer.

Are antibacterial soaps killing you?

Monday, December 16th, 2013

The FDA wants answers

All this time, Alex Jones thought it was fluoride shrinking his testicles and it may end up being the dial soap.

Eating Animal fat isn’t what causes heart disease

Monday, April 8th, 2013

I doubt you’ll read about this. Another “oops, so sorry” mistake by government scientists working with Big Pharma to scare people into taking eternal life pills.

Today’s discovery is that the mechanism is there is a bacteria in your intestines that aids in breaking down meat tissue. That bacteria interacts with a chemical present in meat (camitine) which creates trimethylamine-N Oxide (TMAO). The more red meat you eat, the more that bacteria increases.

McDonald’s bring back fries cooked in beef fat and see what happens to sales

The study was done by the Cleveland Clinic