Big Agenda by David Horowitz

President Trump’s plan to save America

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  1. Fred Stiening says:

    Section 1 – The adversary

    Part 1 – New wars to fight

    “94 million Americans have left the work force”

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    • Fred Stiening says:

      The above statement is one I’ve written about previously. The “right wing” have jumped on the statistic about people not in the labor force as the proof of Barack Obama’s failure as President. It closely matches Romney’s idea that people not paying taxes into the US Treasury are not good citizens.

      I was really disappointed to read that in the first two pages as it is blatantly factually wrong. It includes young people over the age of sixteen still in school, people who have never been in the paid work force (stay at home moms for instance) and people working outside of the view of the IRS, and retirees.

      In particular, I resent the implication that my life is the property of the Federal Government – I worked hard to save money, lived a modest lifestyle, paid taxes on the income and avoided most self destructive behaviors. As a result, I am proudly one of the 94 million. Later this year, I will start receiving a social security check. That does not make me a government parasite because I won’t be generating more tax revenues to help pay for the F-35 jet program so that the US military can afford to drop cluster bombs on goat herders half way around the world

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