Can you hear me now?

Yesterday, we went shopping for hearing aids. It was a mostly positive experience, especially compared to my first attempt at this.

There is no doubt that I would benefit from a hearing aid, and other than the price, I’m generally agreeable with the concept.

What struck me as odd was the absence of the FDA waiver form that I was given my previous attempt about a year ago. The form requires that the hearing aid fitter suggest that I visit an MD who specializes in hearing loss prior to buying a hearing aid.

It was very apparent from the camera pictures he took that I have a serious long standing ear infection (guess fungal) in one ear, which I already knew. While it probably is not the cause for the long term hearing loss (age, heredity), the lack of concern was troubling.

It turns out that the FDA is dropping enforcement of its rules requiring the signing of the waiver

FDA press release

The FDA is also considering allowing the sale of hearing aids “over the counter”

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  1. briand75 says:

    Good. I may need to acquire said devices at some point and anything that reduces the cost would be a blessing 🙂

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