Rusty Humphries leaves syndicated radio again

The collapse of independent talk radio syndication (non iHeart and Cumulus/Westwood One) has narrowed the employment possibilities, even for experienced hosts. When Talk Radio Network started having difficulties, Rusty added a job working for WGST-AM in Atlanta. When TRN fell apart, Rusty left and had to sit out a non-compete clause and legal issues. After USA radio network was sold to a religious broadcaster and then sold to a company that sells web ads, Rusty joined the USA radio network as VP of programming, but never was able to build out a lineup that would motivate a station to switch networks.

Rusty left USA a few days ago, citing unforseen circumstances as the reason for his departure. He is being replaced by a man you may have heard of before named Wayne Allyn Root. Root ran in the 2008 Presidential primary for the Libertarian party.

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