How I saved $200 using YouTube

So when Countess was here, much to my dismay I learned the power window on the passenger door(s) of my 2001 model car would not operate. I, as the master of my domain, could lower and raise the windows, but the mere passengers could not.

Since passenger comfort is my #1 priority, this needed to be fixed by the time the countess returns to the castle.

The car has a lockout switch for some inane reason that allows the driver to prevent the kids from playing with the windows. The switch is highly susceptible to corrosion and then it behaves as if the lock is ON all the time.

So with a basic understanding, I called a local repair shop and here was their advice

On a good day, the car is probably worth $1,500, but has less than 55,000 miles (17 year old car), so spending that much was at least worth considering options, so YouTube to the rescue

In no time, I have this video showing what a simple repair it is. Another amateur video shows the guy doing the same repair without even the screwdriver and using a part from a junk yard.

So the company who made the video will ship the part for $55 including shipping. Another company had the part for $45, and the brick and mortar companies that advertise on radio offer the part from $90 to $140

So I took the risk. The part arrived in 2 days via USPS. The window is fixed.

Here is what the old part looks like

The packaging says it was made in Taiwan, so I may well have voided my pre-Obama GM warranty.

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3 Responses to How I saved $200 using YouTube

  1. Mark says:

    Good work. With the proliferation of repair information and parts, many repairs are within the reach of people with basic skills. Amazon is my go-to site for auto parts. I can often get top quality parts for less than the parts stores charge for the most basic parts. I once had Amazon overnight a radiator for $8. Be sure to do some research and check reviews, as poor quality imported parts are widespread, both on-line and in parts stores.

  2. Parrott says:

    Yeah !
    I learned how to do brakes, sway-bar end links, shocks, U-joints.
    Good deal !


  3. countess robini says:

    i am so proud of you.

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