HFCS-containing beverages are associated with the development of NAFLD [Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease] by hepatic DNL [de novo lipogenesis]. Epidemiological studies linked HFCS consumption to the severity of fibrosis in patients with NAFLD, too. Recently, animal studies showed that excessive consumption of HFCS-55 increases hepatic Glut5 gene expression and TNF-alpha [Tumor necrosis factor alpha] levels, gut-derived endotoxemia, endoplasmic reticulum stress, hepatic lipid peroxidation and apoptotic activity. The lipogenic and proinflammatory effects of fructose appear to be due to transient ATP [adenosine triphosphate] depletion. Fructose can also raise intracellular and serum uric acid levels. Large prospective studies that evaluated the relationship between fructose and NAFLD are needed.

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  1. briand75 says:

    The interesting part for me is the HFCS effect on ATP depletion. ATP is the energy (sub)system that is used by your muscles. So HFCS can interfere with ATP production and can halt protein synthesis (muscle growth and repair) and cause inflammation. I can’t recommend any functional aspect of HFCS. There is also some solid evidence that Fructose (part of HFCS) bypasses the normal glycogen process (provides energy to mind and muscles) and ends up fouling your blood sugar levels – the end result of which is fat deposition.

    I am no spring chicken and I have my fair share of fat – but this HFCS reads to me like Arsenic: suicide committed slowly through ingestion. I generally am a food label studier.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      I guess it is time to mention that I have officially joined the diabetic “club”. My initial “education class” was not very satisfactory. I specifically asked her about the difference between glucose and fructose, and she assured me there was no difference.

      Fructose cannot be consumed directly by the body’s cells – it has to go through the liver to be metabolized, and fructose does not stimulate the same response from the pancreas, because there’s no point to adding glucogan to tell the liver to suck up glucose, because there is none. High density fructose is something that does not occur in nature. I sent out a probe suggesting that Michelle Obama’s advice to drink fruit juice instead of “sugary soda” was bad advice. I got a frown in return – shocking!

      Out in the parking lot, the woman running the golf cart around who helped me, lit up like a Christmas tree when I mentioned that I went to college with Pat McCrory. It turns out she was very active in the election and had huge Trump signs in her front yard and wanted to show me pictures on her cell phone have her going to a Republican rally. But she felt very insecure talking about being a conservative Republican in the parking lot of the hospital where I was attending my “education” class

      As I’ve been reading, the ATP depletion seems to be a key part of the problem. The main thing I’ve discovered so far is that in the morning before I eat, my Glucose level is already elevated, which is not normal. The Countess will be arriving soon to help supervise my “transition”. I’m finding it somewhat difficult to cut back on carbohydrates, which is not a shock.

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