Getting ready for war

[Donning Alex Jones tin foil hat]

See if you can figure out the rationale behind this in a suburban shopping center with Walmart as the anchor tenant.

It’s lunch time and I did see two black women in camouflage military outfits walking in the area.

My first thought was that there might be a military recruitment center nearby – but are we really at the point that we are recruiting soldiers to whom walking an extra 50 feet between air conditioned buildings would influence their decision to serve the country?

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2 Responses to Getting ready for war

  1. haiti222 says:

    Every tennant loves free parking. Also, I have seen these spots used as parking for the US Government cars, not personal cars some places. P.S. Google Chrome blocks your pictures as unsafr. I have to click the funny box and “proceed to the unsafe space.”

  2. briand75 says:

    Seems reasonable. There may be an agreement between the recruiting center and the mall that deals with reserved parking for the senior staffers.

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