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Yesterday,  I encountered an interesting story from some entity called “Observer” and subscribed to their newsletter.  It wasn’t clear if it is just a web site or a real newspaper, and no hint who owns it.    The articles are mostly opinion pieces rather than hard news.

After a little research, I was able to discern it is the New York Observer, headquartered on  Whitehall Street, which is right in the financial district at the Southern tip of Manhattan.  So who owns it and why are they looking to capture my eyeballs?

It turns out the “paper” was acquired in 2006 for $10 million by Jared Kushner, son-in-law of Donald Trump. It had been a weekly print publication for 50 years, but with the victory of Donald J Trump, it ceased printing a paper version and the digital assets were put up for sale.

NY Times on NY Observer transition

This account by the former editor of Observer gives insight into both the paper and Jared Kushner

Washington Post

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2 Responses to New York Observer

  1. briand75 says:

    The WaPo thing is a hit piece. I always wonder what the point is? The Alinsky approach of destroying your enemy’s credibility is all I can come up with. What kind of stupid planet do I live on these days?

    • Fred Stiening says:

      One observation was the IT shrugging his shoulders when she asked him why Kushner was running Windows on a Mac – I interpreted more as the IT guy not wanting to wasting his time to explain it to her. Running windows apps on Macs is widely done by doing things like running Apple’s boot camp, or using Remote Desktop to control a physical or virtual Windows machine using a Mac. Most of the business world runs on Windows.

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