Liberal web site creating fake “Conservative” news

Sources matter is a totally fake website run by liberals to lure in Christians and Conservatives into repeating totally fake news, because as we all know Christians and Conservatives are mindless sheep who will believe any conspiracy, like Donald Trump being a Russian agent or George Bush flying an SR-71 to Paris to have a secret meeting With Iran to delay the release of the Iranian hostages.

About the only people who apparently read this site are snopes and

This is not an original idea. Back in the mid 1990s, on Usenet (a way to share messages worldwide before the Internet was opened to all), there was an individual who crafted very complicated conspiracies intended to draw in Conservatives – until one day he announced he was a liberal professor and he had been conducting a sociological experiment to see how far he could advance his theories. It was hard to sort out if any of the followers were real, or just liberals who were playing along to make Consevatives look stupid, or “sock puppets”. Every once in a while Alex Jones suggests his entire operation might be a false flag deception run by the New World Order.

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  1. briand75 says:

    Amazing – the ultimate scam artists – probably in the universe – are humans. Devious and often malicious, it amazes me how far folks will go to harm people or, in this case, make complete fools out of them.

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