Charlotte bathroom update

Now that HB2 is repealed along with the city ordinance, bathroom choices have returned to letting the marketplace decide.

At the lawyer’s office in far south Charlotte, the Men / Handicap bathroom had two toilets but no urinal, but to make up for the lack of a urinal, there was a baby changing station.

At the progressive Trader Joe’s in South Charlotte, they solved the problem by having two any sex bathrooms with no urinal. Of course, that invites the possibility of a woman going into the bathroom and finding the toilet seat up. The doors also need clear “in use” devices to prevent any unintended cross gender encounter.

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3 Responses to Charlotte bathroom update

  1. briand75 says:

    I step back occasionally to muse over the human race – what a strange lot we are! Our ancestors stooped behind the nearest tree or rock outcropping and now we have concern over gender specific signs? Stunning.

    We travel a fair bit and frequent Starbucks – a progressive chain to be sure. Often then have unisex bathrooms and frequently only one. I find that curious behavior – they want to appear hip and cool and up to speed with gender issues and yet they often have one facility that is visited by both genders when most often one gender is renown for cleanliness issues. That digs at me worse than any phony-baloney gender issue.

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