Blow back

The job of President of the United States is arguably the most powerful job in the world. The world changed today.

The Republican controlled US Senate utterly failed in its promise to repeal Obamacare, with John McCain casting the final vote to kill the weakest bill, then walked over to the Democratic side of the Senate to gather his accolades for torpedoing President Trump’s agenda.

White House chief of staff Priebus is out, replaced by General John Kelly, retired four star Marine general and current head of Homeland Security. Foul mouthed “I’m going to break your kneecaps” Anthony Scaramucci – Harvard lawyer, Goldman Sachs trained, hedge fund manager, CFR member and Davos speaker – has become the face of the White House.

The situation is at a fork in the road – either President Trump becomes hyperaggressive reacting to his critics and the White House rules by decree, or the impeachment talk gets serious and the #nevertrump forces join with Democrats to boot Donald Trump from office.

In the midst of this, North Korea launched a missile that landed in the territorial waters of Japan, an open invitation for an active military conflict, potentially with China. A dysfunctional government will be seized on by our enemies.

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  1. When I lived and worked in Michigan for a few years, people used to say, “If you don’t like our weather, wait a few minutes.”

    Maybe that can apply to the White House staff now?

    Scaramooch now has plenty of time to do the fandango.

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