218-210 – House approves Boehner bill

Speaker of the House Boehner has put all his weight behind passing the “Boehner” bill to raise the debt ceiling.   No Democrat voted for it, 22 Republicans voted against it.

What happens now?

Harry Reid will take his Bill without anything the Republicans want, tear up the House Bill except for the Bill Number, “Substitute” his bill and pass it in the Senate, and bounce it back to the House.

The House has 3 main options at that point:

– do nothing
– Accept the Harry Reid Senate bill word for word by majority vote and send it to President Obama for his signature
– make changes to the Reid Bill – pretending to put back in the stuff Republicans want -and then send it to a “Conference Committee” made up of senior congressional leaders who will strip out all of the “tea party nonsense” outside the view of cameras, minutes and recorded votes.    Once the Conference Committee “merges” the two versions, the final bill goes back to each house for a final up/down vote. 

With each step, the pressure on the Tea Party to give up will grow.   Today’s vote was kabuki theater.   The only purpose is to give the 22 Tea Party freshman something to say “See, I tried!”, knowing that the outcome of increased spending was never in doubt. 

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5 Responses to 218-210 – House approves Boehner bill

  1. Art Stone says:

    Harry Reid decided not to pull an “all nighter”, and is supposedly talking to the White House.

    Hopefully the House will refuse to pass any bill that isn’t written yet so they can read it after it is signed into law.

  2. Art Stone says:

    Well, Harry Reid didn’t even do as much as I expected. The Senate voted down the House Bill completely.

    If I’m John Boehner now, I declare the House in recess and tell everyone to get home to their districts before the riots start in “urban” America. Revolution is Barack Obama’s end game.

    • TheChairman says:

      “Revolution is Barack Obama’s end game.”

      In a manner of speaking, yes… but the form it takes is the key.

      Somewhere on YouTube there is an old video of G. Edward Griffin interviewing a former KGB operative, wherein the operative defines and explains the four stages of how Marxist/Leninist doctrine is imposed on a nation to overthrow it and establish communist rule.

      The stages were:

      1) Demoralization – (drugs, porn, liberalism, diversity, etc.)
      2) Destabilization – (social, economic, monetary/financial, etc.)
      3) Crisis – (“Debt Crisis”, TARP, a “Constitutional Convention”, etc)
      4) Normalization – (the point when the dictatorship decrees ‘policy’)

      We are long past stage #1 and #2 (i.e. 1960’s 70’s 80’s), and have been in #3 for several years now… Obama and his minions want to lead us to #4 ASAP.

      The media serves him by beating the ‘crisis’ drum at every opportunity.

      Both parties were infiltrated decades ago, so don’t expect any ‘fixes’.

      • foyle says:

        Yep, you are correct. Our goose is well done and ready to serve with gravy. The song and dance routine in D.C. right now is just window dressing. We are completely screwed (by both parties).

        Krushchev said they would bury us and he wasn’t kidding.

  3. Art Stone says:

    Perhaps they should rename “Cut, Cap and Balance” to the “Balanced Budget and Kiddie Porn Prevention Act”

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