Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts hits the showers

The LGBT activist Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts was soundly voted out of office by a 10% margin in the Democratic primary yesterday.

She was defeated by Vi Lyles, the former budget director and assistant city manager. She faces Republican Kenny Smith in November. Given the roughly 2:1 Democratic majority inside the city, it is very likely Vi will win the general election.

The job of Mayor is a part-time job that pays a minimal salary. Perhaps it is time to realize that Charlotte has grown into a big city and needs a substantial leader rather than a fringe activist like Roberts.

Unlike the HB2 debacle that Roberts triggered, there is no national coverage of her defeat. Her fight over HB2 and her inattention to the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott and the resulting “riot” sealed her fate.

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2 Responses to Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts hits the showers

  1. briand75 says:

    Charlotte is a big city. Hopefully, Ms. Roberts won’t let the door hit her in the derriere on the way out.

  2. Fred Stiening says:

    Now that the mayor has been voted out, she decided without notice to remove the opening prayer from the start of city council meetings

    I followed the Rowan County case – it was different in that it required compulsory participation of people attending the city council meeting (standing during the prayer and joining in)

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