SimState: the end of property rights

SimCity is a video game that goes back to 1989 that appears to have become the primary influence on urban planners. In the game, you start with empty land, and you control the development of the growth of the city by micromanaging every detail. The humans living in the city have no purpose other than being counters simulated inside an algorithm that was designed to force the player to accept a specific version of what a successful city looks like. California has just passed a series of laws creating a utopian state of perfect cities.

California passed into law 15 new laws that complete the transition of California to a socialist paradise. Governor Jerry Brown has obviously been colluding with 1960s Soviet Russia, with its centralized planning emphasizing dreary high-rise buildings built along transit routes.

Sacramento Bee: Affordable Housing Bills

The bills include new taxes on home sales, selling bonds to build homeless shelters and low-income housing, and forcing cities to develop plans to integrate low-income housing in their cities and all new development.

The most paradoxical provision requires that the developers of low-cost housing pay the construction workers more money.

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  1. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    Houston as the fourth largest city remains one of the few large cities with no zoning laws. It took a full frontal assault by the media during the recent hurricane with many insulating that there would have been no flooding if only Houston had zoning laws.

    In Houston, you can live near your place of employment. There are no laws prohibiting it like in most US cities.

    In California, it is even worse than the rest of the US. If you take a new job across town, most people have to accept the long carbon spewing earth warming commune that the laws impose. To do otherwise would result in a huge lifelong increase in taxes. California taxes homes based on their purchase price rather than their market value- unless your home has gone down in value, the long earth warming commute is what the California government planners have planned for you.

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