The deal is almost done…

Harry Reid has “caved” to basically accept the “Boener Plan” – the Here is your $2.8 trillion to spend, in exchange for agreeing to not buy everyone in America a theoretical free car in 2019. The plan includes setting up yet another commission to study the problem whose advice will be ignored just like the last one. It contains a trigger to “force” an automatic spending cut if Congress can’t agree on where to cut.

Once the spending cap is raised, then next week you pass another bill to remove the trigger provision so that never happens. No mention of the fraud called the “Balanced Budget Amendment”.

So the two biggest obstacles left…
– John Boehner doesn’t like the cuts to the Military budget that the Democrats want
– Boehner still has to get the bill through the house without the Balanced Budget Amendment, which is why he couldn’t get it through last week past the tea party

I’m sure some sleight of hand will happen at 2 AM when everyone is sleeping to clear up any problems.

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  1. Art Stone says:

    The details of the “deal”

    After giving the President the ability to borrow the money (you can bet they’ll issue every bit of it this week), by November a Gang of 12 – 6 senators, 6 House members, split evenly among the parties (you can be sure Paul Ryan won’t be on it)… will come up with the “Plan” to cut $1 trillion over the next 87 years….. if the Congress rejects their plan, draconian cuts will be made to spending starting in January 2013 – half of the cuts from the Military.

    Nancy Pelosi wants nothing to do with this deal. If i was the Tea Party, I would want the names of the 6 Republicans on the “Super Congress”.

    So in summary, we’re going to continue to borrow and spend like credit whores until January 2013 and let the new President then slam the brakes on spending and take the heat.

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