Cheap lakefront lots for sale

While I was away, I received a snail mail solicitation to purchase a fabulous lakefront “dockable” lot down in South Carolina for a mere $59,500. Arizona has its oceanfront property, so I expected this was a similar quality opportunity. There was no name attached to this community, nor any mention as to whether the lots were buildable, have access via a road or have utilities.


Using their vague map and Google Earth, I was able to discern the location.

The lots are within throwing distance of the three unit Oconee Nuclear Power Station operated by Duke Energy.   Lake Keowee was built in 1970 to provide cooling water for the power plants, as well as hydro power (disclaimer:  I’m a former Duke employee and current stockholder)

Poking around, Duke is actively opposing development near the facility for security reasons and the further burden on their evacuation plan.  There is also a history of local opposition to further development on the lake.

Lake Keowee is a tributary of the Savannah River – a name synonymous with radioactive waste disposal (albeit downstreamj

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