President Trump to release JFK files

NY Times coverage

The “deep state” is likely very unhappy about this development. Fifty-four years is enough time to shield Camelot from public scrutiny. We need to know if Oliver Stone got the facts right. The baby boomers deserve to know the truth while they are still alive.

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  1. Fred Stiening says:

    Google News has deliberately buried this story, probably because Alex Jones is mentioned

  2. Linda S. says:

    I have missed the blog. I will try and do better . Thanks for all your work and information, Fred.

  3. Parrott says:

    Yeah, My parents was waiting, they even had the article from teh newspaper on it and brought it over to my house to show.
    I bet a lot of people are looking forward to it. CIA guy, Mike Pompeio(sp) was against releasing. I hope they talk about the ‘magic bullett theory’ , ha ha.
    Could the CIA been really involved deep ? You know it.
    In that Google and ‘F–book’ as supposed news sources. Maybe we should come up with a rule, if you are going to report news then you cannot hide or under-report on purpose ? Because as a supplier to general public ‘for a news product’ aren’t you suppose to be non-biased?
    OK, who decides if they are non -biased supplier of news or only reporting one side ? GOV obviously can’t , it gets to political. Not a religious group, it maybe slanted a certain way. A lot of people would be ok with that , but a lot would view as unacceptable.
    Obviously the current media cannot police themselves, NBC has proved that unequivocally.
    Maybe a ”High Sparrow ‘ guy ? Counsel of elders? Academia is corrupt and cannot be unbiased. Maybe a kindergarten class ? Innocent?
    Maybe Rachel Ray? then you have a food bias and may be racist ?
    Release the docs and lets see what happened in NOV 1963.
    Will we have to wait 54 years for the Las Vegas truth? Obviously the ‘Ellen’ version is bogus, man !

  4. briand75 says:

    It is criminal that the public had to wait 54 years to know about one of the most egregious events in American History. What possible lie was used to bury these documents for all this time? They assassinated the President of the United States of America. That ought to be worth the light of day- yes?

    I only hope the truth is in these documents.

    • CC1s121LrBGT says:

      We’ll see what was kept secret. My belief is that there will be no big news here and that what was kept secret were things like the names of double agents that were secretly spying and/or informing to benefit the United States. To expose that information while they were still alive would put their lives at risk. We’ll see very soon.

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