Murder solved

You may have heard about the young woman whose body was found behind the church in Charlotte in September. The Charlotte Police have charged a homeless Navy veteran who lived on the Navy base in Norfolk where he did odd jobs.

The chronology seems to be that the young woman entered the base around 5 AM. At 5:30, the man drives her car out the gate. The car is spotted again on video at a dumpster where her cell phone is thrown away.

The (alleged) killer lived as a child next door to the church where the body was dumped and had attended Summer Bible School at the church. The car was seen in the neighborhood in Charlotte after she had disappeared.

He drove her car back to Norfolk and his DNA was found on her clothes. The killer did web searches looking to see if police in Charlotte were searching for a murderer eight days before her body was found. He had a blackout due to PTSD and doesn’t remember anything, yet did remember where he dumped her body. He’s not a very good liar.

Missing from the story is any details about how she died or any mention of sexual assault. It also seems strange that she would be going to work at 5 AM since Blimpie’s does not serve breakfast.

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