Communism through the back door

So how big is the gap between a Capitalist United States and a Communist United States?   How big is the “Private Sector” and how much money does it make – those evil rich corporations…

The government numbers like this go out of their way to avoid actual verifiable numbers, but discuss “went up and down” instead.

So here is some better data

For the year, US Corporations are estimated to have profits of about $1.4 trillion – that’s less than the amount of money the Federal government is spending that it doesn’t have.   The Corporate Income Tax already takes about $400 billion a year out of that $1.4 trillion, leaving around $1 trillion in after tax profits.

US Business makes about another $450 billion from doing business outside the country (like Ford making cars in China).

So who is it that’s still making a profit from their evilness?

Member banks of the Federal Reserve – $71 billion
Other Financial (Insurance, Goldman Sachs, etc…)  $423 billion

Tangible things:
  – Computers   $39 billion
  – Autos  (lost $12 billion)
 – Food, Beverage, Tobacco – $37 billion
 – Oil and coal   $36 billion
 – Utilities – $25 billion
 – Information – $87 billion
 – Transportation – $34 billion
  – Appliances & Electrical equipment – $7 billion
 – Retail stores – $122 billion
 – Farming, Wood Products, Fishing, Mining, Construction, Real Estate, Lawyers, Accountants, Teachers, doctors, hospitals, restaurants, hotels  –  $331 billion

This one table shows you how screwed up the government is – the large bulk of all corporate profits are lumped together in one item that is only explained in a footnote.    This table is based on what the United States used to do/make about 50 years ago.

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