California to vote on three way split


California voters have gathered enough signatures to put the measure to split California on the ballot ballot on November. Undoubtedly, about the only things Democrats are thinking about is they believe adding four new US Senators would swing the US Senate away from Republican control. It is a lot more complicated than that. The same idea is floated to break Texas into 5 parts.

A vote of California voters is not enough. For an existing state to be subdivided – as West Virginia was split from Virginia during the civil war, a process is required in the Constitution.

Heritage foundation,

First, the California Legislature would have to approve the request and the proposed state constitutions. That might happen. But Congress must approve the change. Creating more states would dilute the power of small states like Vermont. It is not a sure thing that even a Democratic controlled Congress would approve the request. Note that this decision is left up to Congress – the President has no veto power.

The most immediate problem, if approved, would be responsibility for the existing $83 billion in general obligation debt. The entities who loaned the money did so based on the full faith and credit of the entire state.

The next huge issue is water rights and management of the California dams and irrigation systems. The water for Los Angeles comes from Northern California and the Colorado River from the East. Wars have been fought over less. This is just the beginning.

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2 Responses to California to vote on three way split

  1. briand75 says:

    I know it’s simplistic and – yes – impossible, but can’t we just saw along the border and push CA into the Pacific? I think it would make a fine island nation 🙂

  2. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    Just what we need to grow government. Has anyone else thought that the problem in Washington was that we need 4 new Senators to water down the votes of existing states?

    The irony is that proponents of the split are saying it will reduce government spending and taxes. No mention of the added governors and their staffs.

    A better solution would be to combine Maine with Massachuessets where it once was. Recombine West Virginia with Virginia

    ….and close to SRG, recombine Tennessee with North Carolina. That reduces 3 US Senators, 3 Governors and an equal number of state governments and sets of state laws.

    …. and we still have Rhode Island and Deleware doe future projects 😉

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