Fun with snowflakes

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  1. briand75 says:

    We smile or cringe watching this, but if you think about it – when in the history of the United States have college students ever been so ignorant? I understand a third grader not knowing who the President is, but a college student talking to Kaitlin and not recognizing her? This takes a brain filled with mush.

    Our nation is in trouble – big league (or bigly as MSM puts it) and our schools are turning out a high percentage of near-stupid people. Ignorance we can fix – stupid? No. I worry.

    • CC1s121LrBGT says:

      The sinister scheme is that the DemonRats encourage BOTH the near stupid people and the ignoramuses to vote in every election.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      And their willingness to lie on camera – assuming it wasn’t fake. I am always skeptical of “man on the street” videos as they are highly edited to project the opinion the reporter wants you to accept.

      It does raise the question if the National Guard troops would have reconsidered their action if the students were armed…

      • briand75 says:

        Just flashed back to Kent State on the National Guard reference…

        It may also occur that the interviewees are preselected and coached in advance.

        I just think our students are experiencing diminished capacity more and more as time passes and that doesn’t bode well for an educated society.

        • CC1s121LrBGT says:

          And perhaps even paid to perform on camera. Recall the Democrat Presidential debates where questions were handed to audience members prior to the debate, if they didn’t like the question they lost their opportunity to appear on national TV.

          Also, people like to ham it up and try to be funny. If someone asked me who the current President is, I might say “Isn’t it Barack Obama?” to get a laugh from my friends what would see me on TV.

          I really wouldn’t take this stuff too seriously. We are a nation of 300+ million people…. how many do you think you need to sample to get a statistically meaningful sample size? 😉

        • Fred Stiening says:

          If her original stunt was planned as an eventual YouTube career, it did not convince me. Neither do the “I look smart because I wear glasses” pitch. I guess that was her disguise.

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