Not just the United States

No report yet of the man in purple being arrested. Was he trying to suggest a 16 year old has no right to give birth?

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  1. Parrott says:

    ‘Man’ was bit of a stretch. This is a great example of the left. You can’t discuss/argue anything with them, because when they start to lose, they resort to some sucker-punch violence or you get the ‘rent-a-riot’ punks to invade the capital offices or protest in front of SCOTUS. These groups represent ‘No-One’. Fake.
    So annoying.
    I didn’t see any Carhartt tags on on the little guy’s purple jacket. He’s cheap too.
    Deep down, do you think they know their beliefs are wrong, and they just can’t admit to it ? Because that would invalidate everything in their ‘world’ ?
    The little guy in purple needs to run into that one person, that you just should not have ‘F’ ed’ with. He will run into that person someday. It won’t be ha ha- he he.
    Sucker-punching a woman because she believes something different. Thats bad.
    No respect. Such the (beep).

  2. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    Who’s nuts? Was he nuts because of what he ate, or after eating? Holy cow. You are what you eat?

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