Tom Taylor to retire at 70

 Radio industry commentator and newsgather Tom Taylor is decided it is time to spend time with his family, and is Ending the Tom Taylor newsletter 

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2 Responses to Tom Taylor to retire at 70

  1. Parrott says:

    Hmmm, That’s a pretty good newsletter. I have enjoyed reading it over the past few years.
    WFNR cumulost station over in Blacksburg Virginia, has went oldies music. Not even Scott Shannon oldies. Dropped their whole talk format. They had some bootleg good morning Vietnam morning show up until 9am, after Imus quit.
    Then at 9am they had Dave Ramsey re-runs. Noon ‘Rush’. 3 pm: Michael Savage, and he’s been whining about going podcast. Said he was ‘to good’ for a podcast.
    Then Hannity at 6pm. The redeye radio show overnight, it wasn’t even coast to coast.
    all gone.
    No idea. 10k watt station that has three 200 foot towers. That signal is easy to pickup in Roanoke and Bluefield west virginia.
    oh well

  2. briand75 says:

    I wonder if talk radio is cyclical? Are we on the downside for a period of time and will the heydays return? I hope so.

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