System rollback

Something today clobbered the blog, disconnecting every single comment from its post. Because I am not routinely backing up just the blog(s), the only alternative was restoring the entire server as of 4 AM saturday morning, which fortunately worked. Linode rocks.

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    • CC1s121LrBGT says:

      Wow. Article said he was a writer for ” NBC NEWS’ “THE HUNTLEY-BRINKLEY REPORT” ” …. no wonder I have not seen one of those reports in years. 😉

      • Fred Stiening says:

        One cool cucumber

        The “gunman” got in the studio because his father had worked for the station

        He resurfaced on pre-Internet Usenet, back in the good old days

        • CC1s121LrBGT says:

          WOW! Amazing find, Fred.

          It was very interesting to see him reading the note as calmly as he did.

          Too bad about Mr Stollman doing that in 1987. Had he been able to wait until the next year, the debut of Coast to Coast AM in 1988 would have given him a voice without costing him an arrest record. He might have even found a regular gig there like Linda Moulton Howe.

          • Fred Stiening says:

            Clearly they moved in the same circles. Stollman continued his ramblings online after getting only probation for a misdemeanor. He is now 65 years old, and if LinkedIn can be believed, finally finished his two year AA degree in 2015. It seems unlikely it is a son or grandson. It is possible it is a reptilian clone.

          • Fred Stiening says:

            I know you know, but others may not. Art Bell was originally syndicated by Roy Masters on the Talk Radio Network. During the post 1996 consolidation, Premiere Radio acquired TRN apparently without any due dilligence. They quickly sold TRN back to Masters, but kept Art Bell. Then Clear Channel acquired Premiere.

  1. Parrott says:

    Hey , the POLLS are back ! Thank you Fred ! I promise I won’t just click through them. I will make a concerted effort to answer accurately .
    I like the polls, they are kind of addictive : )
    all is right with the internet now.

  2. Fred Stiening says:

    Lyndon LaRouche has died, or so they are telling us

    • TheChairman says:

      That AP (American Propaganda) ‘newswire’ reads more like a final hit-piece and disinfo campaign against LaRouche and several legitimate deep-state theories.

  3. TheChairman says:

    Ah, I wondered why the only post visible on the blog last night was from 2014… figured maybe some system maintenance was being done.

    Speaking of ‘system health’, how are you and Countess doing? Are both of you fully restored? Wife and I caught a nasty virus in January, took a full month to recover.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      We are both doing fairly well, but I have picked up some new issues with my heart. We both were in afib for a while. I have noticed (and my niece the doctor has confirmed) that I am having missed beats. I have a consultation with a cardiologist this week. Thanks for asking.

      • TheChairman says:

        I think we all skip a beat whenever uber-liberals start talking…

        My wife has a similar condition, so she voluntarily coughs to ‘fix the beat’. Her doctor says that is the correct action. They had her wear a heart monitor for 6 weeks, but it never detected anything.

        • Fred Stiening says:

          Coughing doesn’t earn any fees or sell any pharmaceuticals. You would think doctors would know about the vagal maneuvers. I did not need a lesson – my body just does what it needs to prevent or stop the arythmia.

          The cardiologist visit went about as bad as is possible. I had the impression they decided they don’t want me as a customer based on events during the hospital stay. So everyone dropped the ball for two weeks getting me in for an appointment. The outcome was I spent $100 copay for nothing. No EKG, no holter monitor, he didn’t listen to my heart for more than a few beats, no tilt table test. All he did was kept asking me how my heart feels. The answer was the same as in the hospital – even in afib, I don’t feel my heart. Sorry. I have owned a pulse oximeter for 5 years and know what my normal is. I repeatedly demonstrated that I could tell the visiting nurse my blood pressure, pulse rate and SpO2 just based on knowing my body and how it reacts to different situations.

          So we concluded we are not a match and the other cardiologist who saw me in the hospital will take me. I do not expect any followup nor do I intend to push for any further contact.

          • TheChairman says:

            Sorry things didn’t go so well, but it’s best that he was vetted with your first visit rather than expending time and money on Dr. Wrong.

            My wife knew about afib coughing years ago… The reason they put her on a heart monitor was because she’d just had a TIA (last January) and they wanted to rule out any undetected issues. Her cardiologist agreed with coughing and said to continue doing it, if it helps her feel better.

            Curiously, all of our ‘health professionals’ (doctor, dentist, etc) were foreign born and educated. We have doctors from Kenya (went to Oxford) and China, and our dentist is from Czech Republic… they all seem far less inclined to push pills or unnecessary tests & procedures.

            The biggest problem seems to be the corporate owned hospitals and ‘network care providers’, along with big pharma, all pushing for profits.

  4. Fred Stiening says:

    As a bonus, I noticed a free upgrade to the server – 32 GB more Solid State Disk, another TB/month outbound traffic and 4x the outbound bit rate

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