Creeping censorship

Most recently, Facebook has banned links to Zero Hedge

Google/Youtube is giving a bizarre warning on a video by China uncensored

Clicking on the link for “Why am I seeing this?” reveals why a video that has nothing to do with 9/11 is flagged with a warning

The “do no evil” company is in the midst of a revolt over Alphabet jumping in bed with the Chinese Communist Party.

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6 Responses to Creeping censorship

  1. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    ZeroHedge is now banned in New Zealand… at least on the Vodaphone ISP.

  2. Parrott says:

    you know, its kinda true Fred. There has been a few things that Alex has said, that has come to pass. Mrs Parrott says a broke clock is right every now and then, when I mention this. John B Wells was playing Paul Harvey, ‘If I were the Devil’.
    Paul did that in 65 or 66 and yeah its exactly what is going on today. Alex was playing that in his rotation 10 years ago and railing against the devil and the Illuminati, and Rothchilds. Unreal ! There have been other things also that he mentioned years ago and now others are starting to talk about.
    Ted Broer says Brietbart & Drudge are compromised now. I thought wow. Nothing on Drudge on Brietbart about vaccines. Somethings are not allowed to be discussed,

    Zero Hedge is pretty good and ‘The health Ranger’, Mike Adams doesn’t look like he has been compromised yet, that I can tell.
    There are others, John B. Wells, James Wesley Rawls and his ‘Survival blog’ they are okay. Glean what you need from them.
    This censorship is ‘Carp’.

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