Sri Lanka

Before jumping to conclusions, reading about the Sri Lanka civil war of 1983 can be helpful. Women wearing suicide belts was an innovation of the Tamil Tigers, who were motivated by anti-British sentiments, as after the country became free of British rule in 1948, the government started to marginalize the Tamil, which eventually led to a number of attempts to eradicate the Tamil population. 88% of Tamil are Hindu. This series of attacks was probably not Muslims, but rather 60 years of ethnic violence,with Europeans perceived as supporting the government genocide.

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  1. JayMar says:

    Geez, I wonder what their “motivation” for such an attack was.

  2. Fred Stiening says:

    The government believes Muslims were responsible for the attacks.

    • TheChairman says:

      Those whose name shall not be spoken… according to the MSM.

      • Parrott says:

        “Those whose name shall not be spoken… according to the MSM. ”

        Moses ?

        • TheChairman says:

          Hey Parrott: It was my apparently weak spin on the Harry Potter meme, “He who must not be named.”

          MainStream Media (won’t ID ‘certain’ perps) = MSM

          Or, as I refer to them: Marxist-Socialist Media

          As Fred mentioned above, my first thought was also local separatists. Such a large number of coordinated attacks is rather atypical, but not without precedent.

          • Parrott says:

            Oh Yeah, I didn’t know about Harry Potter had that line. I went back farther than ‘Harry Potter’, ( who is also the name of our Veterinarian)

            I was thinking Cecil B DeMille ‘The Ten Commandments’ where Pharaoh says he will speak the name he declared that could not be spoken, ‘Moses’. Classic.
            Well , I was ignorant as to the history of the separatist in Sri Lanka. I just presumed and as soon as they said ‘suicide bombers’ I figured it was the ‘religion of peace’ . You are correct ‘Big media’ MSNBC/CNN would never say the truth.
            I hate that they killed my brother & sister ‘Easter worshipper’s & travelers’. I guess since we use the AS occasionally, I fall into the traveler group also. : )

            Chairman, Have you made your trip to MI yet ? will you journey a more southerly/eastern route to avoid flooding in the plain states ?
            Like I-10, I-20, I-30, I40, I69 ? or a more I 40, I 55, I 57, I70 to I 69 ?
            Or if you really wanted east, stay on 70 to I-75 north and visit the ‘mothership’ in Jackson Center, OH.
            There is a easy to get to Costco south of Toledo , in Perrysburg where 75 meets 475, easy off and on, and its newer like 2 or 3 years old, very clean.
            Sorry, I really like trip planning and seeing what’s on the way. We stopped at the airstream plant took the tour it was cool. I would like to see the Jeep plant in Toledo, if I am back that way sometime.
            Mrs Parrott likes seeing the arch in St. Louis, but its hard to get to, and crime is insane anymore .
            stay safe out there ‘Happy Motoring’ to borrow a phrase,

            • TheChairman says:

              Parrott: I’m preparing now, but had to delay departure until May 2 for various reasons. We’re planning to take a bit longer, as I told my wife I no longer want to drive after dark. (I do all the driving). Typically, we’ve done a 4 day, 2200 mile marathon, which involved a lot of driving at night… as you may know, the ladies usually require more ‘rest stops’ than guys, which impacts average mph during the day. Anyway, we plan to take 7 or 8 days, see a few more sites, and cover 300 miles/day. We are not retired, so time is limited.

              Weather plays a big role in our route; at a certain point, we’re committed… two years ago we were on I-70, surrounded by tornado touchdowns in Kansas. We weaved our way between storm cells by using radar maps being broadcast on large TV screens at the rest stops. 🙂

              As for a route, we make every effort to avoid Chicagoland and northern Illinois. Usually, we take I-10 to NM, then either north into CO or east to Wichita via US-54, then north on I-35 or I-69… OR, we go north to Utah or Colorado, and east on I-80 and/or I-90 (South Dakota) to upper peninsula and then across the Mackinac Bridge (wife hates crossing that bridge).

            • Fred Stiening says:

              Remind her of the Yugo that flew off the bridge without even touching the railing!

  3. Parrott says:

    Yea, I was thinking, after listening to ‘Hawk’ , it was James ‘Clap-on’ clapper related,
    or Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ warren and her free college to ‘trendies’ .
    Now, eat some almonds, and have a nice day.

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