The next chapter

Back in December, Countess and I both caught the H1N1 flu at the Christmas village held at a local brewery on December 1st (at least that is the best time match). The average incubation period from exposure to symptoms is 5 days. There were 100s of people there eating meals and strolling around. Countess was still smoking then and had trouble breathing on the 8th and went to the hospital for 4 days. Without her presence, I got severely dehydrated, didn’t eat, and developed DVTs in my legs. I was in the hospital from the 10th-20th, and discharged into an unbelievably bad nursing facility. I was able to escape after one day with help from Countess, a new friend, and a helpful Uber driver.

This really forced me to reevaluate my living situation. It was almost a month for Countess to bounce back. With help from a home health care agency, I was able to safely resume my normal activities in a couple weeks, but it was clear to me that this condo is inadequate to deal with issues, even with Countess here and not sick.

I put a deposit down today on a small 2 BR apartment in Pineville at a 55+ retirement community, about 5 miles away. They have a 24/7 front desk, a van to take people to the nearby mall, grocery stores, doctors offices, etc. They have home health workers, visiting doctors, pedicure person, and a dining room.

As of today, it seems very likely Countess will not join me there. This has to be done. I came way too close to death to just sit around and do nothing.

It seems highly likely my application will be approved, and then I have to organize my departure from the condo and Countess, probably next week. No matter what, I should be able to access the Internet, using my T-Mobile hotspot, so I should still be around, albeit distracted by meeting new old people, learning how to play bingo, and learning proper drooling techniques. Medicare lingers 18 months in the distance.

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  1. Fred Stiening says:


    I was approved, and moved in without Robyn's cooperation. I bought an adjustable bed so I can elevate my legs to prevent blood from clotting. I bought new bedroom furniture and replaced the kitchen utensils which had been thrown out because they were "crappy".

    I have my 2001 Oldsmobile here, but rarely use it. I offered it to be included in a property settlement, which she refused. So now she uses Uber to go buy cigarettes (yes, she started smoking again)

    I spend my days playing online games and keeping a low profile.

  2. Fred Stiening says:

    And lest you think the last year has not been interesting

    Oops, paywall. Google IEX, NASDAQ stiening to read it

  3. TheChairman says:

    Nope, I never saw this post last May. We had just returned to Michigan for the summer and I was promptly consumed with working on the house and property.

    Fred, do you have any legal representation? As you may recall, my wife is an attorney and she writes legal content for law firms which specialize in Family Law (advocating for men), with a focus on North Carolina, Tennessee, and Arizona. She thinks you should fight to keep everything; says any decent judge would view Robyn as 'opportunistic', and would be unlikely to award her any property due to the brevity of the marriage.

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