Clear Channel, the final chapter

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  1. RebelSansClue says:

    Ugh. I only listen to SXM a few times per year, and I can still notice it's getting progressively lamer. So now we'll have portions of CC, SXM and Spotify under 1 roof? Lovely. Maybe they shouldn't be so quick to close down those CD pressing plants. This may just buy a little more time for physical media.

  2. Fred Stiening says:

    And Pandora and LiveNation and TicketMaster

  3. Fred Stiening says:

    Just in – Clear Channel revenue down almost 50% due mostly to loss of sports, Entercom down 52%

    When America loses its Sports, nothing else really matters

  4. Fred Stiening says:

    For the first time in like forever, I am logged in using my fragile Windows XP system.

    • Parrott says:

      Woo Hoo ! XP Rides again. Make sure you have SP III.
      Is Woo Hoo allowed ? Hope you are doing good Fred !
      Guess who ? yes, Its that races-Parrott LOL
      No I am not racist, but I do like General Thomas Stonewall Jackson.
      My XP Dell D810 is down right now so no XP right at this minute. Its the battery or power supply, I got a power supply off 'evil-pay' will try it. IF battery bad, have to find one.
      How is Chairman ? I saw a post back in June that he is back in the sportsman paradise!
      How is Greensboro Fred ? Well I guess Lake Norman crowd was getting boring in the 'Queens City' ? well the panther suck, Don't blame you for leaving. I am anti-NFL Parrott these days. Not doing Fantasy Football this year either. I am going Camping this fall. we have two new kittens and we're training them to walk in a harness and ride in the truck. ( not in the bed of the truck, but that would be cool)!
      I ride down to Colfax every now and then.
      Radio is going down hill faster lately. Less and Less good quality.
      I promise to check in more.
      Have a good one guys !

      • RebelSansClue says:

        Lately, it seems that podcasting is the new radio.

        • Parrott says:

          sure seems that way, 'RebelSansClue'. Kind of annoying. I wonder how many affiliates that Rush Limbaugh is down?
          No Friday night Lights, well yeah there is , I bought new LEDS for my deck, LOL.
          Glenn Beck seems to getting back to his 2008 ways, before he was compromised. Economy is a good topic for him. A lot of stations are dropping talk format, they are going silent or sports. And sports is nothing worth listening to anymore. They shot themselves in the head.
          Hope NFL, NBA, NASCAR, MLB, all go belly up ! They deserve it. Crazy Marxist !
          Oh well, Balloon is getting ready to go up,
          Best regards

          • RebelSansClue says:

            I haven't listened to Beck since Covid started. I am glad to see he's back to more 2008. I applaud his efforts to reach across the aisle, but you can only get your hand slapped so many times.

          • TheChairman says:

            Parrot – I'm here. Fred just mentioned Google was indexing the site again, so I decided to take a look and noticed there are more comments trickling in. I will try to check in here much more frequently. Maybe we can get the old blog rolling along, there are certainly enough 'current events' to discuss.

        • Fred Stiening says:

          That has been clear for at least a decade. If you are not doing things that add value because people are interacting with the show in real time, live radio (and its 20+ minutes of commercials per hour) has no purpose.

          As I started looking at schedules, I was reminded that Michael Medved left Salem Radio. He is now doing a paid subscription podcast show. If you already have a home studio and an internet connection, if you have 1,000 subscribers paying $8 a month, you are probably making as much as you were as an employee of a corporation. As a bonus, all the merchandise fulfillment revenue goes to you.

          • RebelSansClue says:

            Assuming you can *get* 1,000 subscribers. Podcasting may be the new radio, but I think it's also the new blogging; everybody and their grandmother has one. Just like the blogs, most podcasts have 2 listeners, the podcaster themselves and their mother. After a while, mom stops listening.

    • RebelSansClue says:

      OK, I have to ask. Why are you using an XP system now?

      • Fred Stiening says:

        Because I can 😁

        When I lived in the apartment, the "free" $80/month internet service was WiFi-only on a mesh of routers. While I have a USB device to let Windows desktop connect to WiFi, Linux support is thin. Now back on regular wired access, things are more workable

        • RebelSansClue says:

          Gotta love linux. Been using it since Mandrake in the early `00's. I use Linux Mint now and love it. Still keep a Windows 10 virtual machine for the wife 🙂

          I tried to update my Mom's laptop that she hadn't touched in over 5 years. It ran Windows Vista. Couldn't even connect to the internet. So I installed Linux on it. 🙂

          • TheChairman says:

            We're using Windows 7 and MX Linux here.

            • Parrott says:

              The Chairman will be headed back to AZ soon if not already. I didn't make it to the 'Sportsmans paradise' this year, but I am going to make it up there one of these days. Probably sooner than later, we're getting our first batch of Pakistani's on our team at work ! Ye haw..
              Gosh, y'all s governor in MI is as bad as our Governor here in VA & B-K Cooper in NC.

  5. Fred Stiening says:

    Clear Channel /iHeart is buying WWRL-AM in New York City to be part of its new Black Information Network. WWRL had been the NYC affiliate of Air America, pushing aside its historic role as the voice of the black community, then switched to Spanish, then Indian music.

    I was not aware information was color coded. Segregation lives on.

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