Coloring the News

The new owners of clear channel / iHeartRadio the apparently decided that there is money to be made by segregating news into black news and non-black news.

Some of the sponsors will look familiar

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3 Responses to Coloring the News

  1. TheChairman says:

    In looking at the BINNews website, I don't see any mention of the 'knockout game' being played against actor Rick Moranis. Is there a sports section with daily statistics? /s

    • Fred Stiening says:

      When the free government money checks stop and people are hit with foreclosures and evictions, and after a year of in house detention, tempers are going to flare.

  2. RebelSansClue says:

    Yep. It's going to be nasty, regardless of the election's outcome. Part of me wants to start stockpiling some extra food.

    By the way, I had some issues logging in. Firefox said the certificate wasn't good for linode or something. Then after I logged in anyway, it wouldn't let me leave a comment saying I needed to be logged in. Not sure what I did differently to leave this comment.

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