The New and improved Dana Loesch

This started out as a comment on another post, but it’s worthy of its own discussion

In case you aren’t aware, The Dana Show is syndicated by Radio America. Originally, she was a spokesperson for the NRA, she worked for Breitbart, and hosted a TV show on TheBlaze TV network. She is a big fan of Donald J Trump.

The liberal media is in a frenzy trying to pick the successor for the recently departed Rush Limbaugh. The AP wire story frames Dana as being an opponent of “angry radio”.

I do not dislike Dana, however I dislike syndicators that oversell their product.

The show is heard in “New York, Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Boston, Phoenix, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Orlando, Tampa, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Jacksonville, Minneapolis, Raleigh, Omaha, Las Vegas, San Antonio and Washington DC.”

The Radio America website does not have a list of Loesch affiliates, which is not a surprise. Syndicators will enter relationships with so-called “rimshot” stations in major markets that don’t begin to cover the entire market.

The radio station listed as an affiliate in a Major market might carry an hour of the show on Sunday morning at 3:00 a.m. Advertisers need to be sure what they’re buying. I’ll spend a little time trying to validate their list, but I already am confident it’s a waste of time

Here is as far as I got before I lost inteest

For New York City, I have found WJJF in Montauk, at the far Eastern end of Long Island. It is a very weak FM station which has absolutely no coverage inside any part of New York City. This is a work in progress. Note that their list said “New York” and not New York City.

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