Roy Masters dead at 92

Roy Masters has been a big influence on “Conservative” talk radio for at least the last 30 years, but it’s possible you don’t know anything about him.

Roy Masters ran an organization called the Foundation for Human Understanding, that had a long running battle with the IRS over whether FHU was or was not a religion. Roy Masters hosted a show called Advice Line that ran in the middle of the night, dispensing out what many considered to be unconventional advice. Roy Masters claimed that he could hypnotize people just using his voice.

Talk Radio Network was owned by FHU and operated by his son Mark Masters. There was a long list of hosts syndicated by TRN. Several left on unpleasant terms, the most visible being Michael Savage, who had a bitter expensive court battle to win his freedom. Art Bell originally was syndicated by TRN. He was given to Clear Channel during a planned acquisition that ultimately did not work out. Phil Hendrie, Jerry Doyle, Monica Crowley and Laura Ingraham all spent time at TRN.

Masters decided to fight a legal battle with Dial Global / Westwood One over their representation of TRN shows, which competed with some Dial Global and Westwood One shows. WW1 was acquired by Cumulus Media, who then inherited the legal battle. When Cumulus Media went into bankruptcy, the lawsuit ended. In the end, TRN was just Roy Masters doing his Advice Line show repeated several times a day.

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