Buck Sexton to take over Rush Limbaugh’s Premiere time slot

So having your beloved uncle stuffed and sitting in the corner is not a substitute for him being alive.  It just reminds you of your loss.  Sorry, but Jason Lewis is no Rush Limbaugh.

A key marker is whether markets where the Rush Limbaugh was dropped (ie Chicago, Detroit, Houston, San Francisco) have an independent radio station  (not Cumulus or iHeart) step up fill the void.  I have not found any evidence of that yet. While most radio stations did pay to carry the Rush Limbaugh show, they aren’t going to do it to air Jason Lewis reminding us non-stop about his 2 years serving in the US House.

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Showing how clueless Premiere is (their syndication head is female), they are softening the political nature of the show by pairing Buck Sexton with Clay Travis, a Fox Sports host who runs a web site focused on sports gambling.


Long time listeners to Rush Limbaugh know that one of his disappointments is that most of his audience hates sports. When he would talk about the NFL on Monday, or talk about playing golf over the weekend, his phone lines got flooded with people yelling at him to stop talking about sports.

That really hurt Rush’s feelings, but that’s the reality of who listened to his show.  We think the government powers in the Patriot act is more important than who the quarterback is for the Patriots.  Rush spent Sundays at the temple of the football, not going to church praying about ending abortion.

The Rush Limbaugh show, or the Travis / Sexton show, is going to hemorrhage affiliates like crazy.  Not only is Premiere going to destroy the Limbaugh franchise, they’re flushing Buck Sexton’s career at the same time.  Syndication contracts almost always have non-compete contracts, so either he gets to talk sports, or he goes off the air for a year and does a podcast on the internet and hopes people remember him.

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  1. Fred Stiening says:

    Since they only had four months to make a decision, Premiere has finally gotten around to deciding who will fill Buck Sexton’s 6-9 PM (Eastern) time slot.

    Jesse Kelly!



    His main qualification is he has done 5 months at WRKO in Boston from 7-10 PM. Boston is known as a stronghold of conservative opinions.

    Jesse also does a 9:00 p.m. show that’s distributed on video networks.


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