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“On Monday morning, the body [of] one of three missing canoeists washed ashore in Plainfield, representing the second storm-related death in as many days. The man, without a life jacket, was swept away in a canoeing accident on the raging Farmington River in Bristol. The two other caneoists remained missing.”

Hey, let’s take our canoes down the river with the 30 mph surging flood waters and have a really cool ride.   Bring your iPhone so we can post a video on YouTube….

Cool dude – I’m there….

About a half dozen houses right on Long Island Sound were damaged or destroyed.    The road that runs along the Sound has sand on it.

Oh, how will be ever recover from the disaster of the century?     Obama, please help us.

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  1. Piquerist says:

    Aye! I. too, am typo prone. Bgi Time!

  2. Piquerist says:

    They are in a better place where all light bulbs look like pallid piles of owl crap and all toilets only flush when “brown.” I picture the Bamaw, peas on him, seated in sanctimonious glory upon such a throne. Or is that, “thrown?”

    • Parrott says:


      I think I will get a loan from Bank of America, and go out and buy something. Something Big . Then they go under and I keep whatever I bought free and clear.

      • Art Stone says:

        You know the old saying:
        Owe the bank $100 and can’t pay? The bank owns you
        Owe the bank $100 million and can’t pay? You own the bank.

        • Parrott says:

          Thats’ good, You don’t mind if I use that sometime do you Art ?
          One small question, is there anyway to edit the post once its added to the blog here? Like I misspelled a word or two, and I wanted to fix edit?

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