RSS feeds and you…

I’ve stayed blissfully unaware of the potential of RSS, and am looking for suggestions about it.

I’m suspecting that my neglect of RSS is causing a peculiar behavior – I’ll go for a week with almost no comments on anything I write, and then in about an hour 4 or 5 “regulars” post all at the same time.    That makes me suspect people are listening to an RSS feed that is only irregularly updated.

I’m reluctant to actually enable RSS in wordpress.   First, it causes comment spam and trackback spam – people who think it’s five years ago and you can get Google “street cred” by spamming other blogs with automated nonsense “comments”.

The other reason is my dislike of “Fly by” comments – people who have no idea what this web site is, have read nothing else I’ve written, pick up their “agenda” keyword, and slap on a comment saying “You’re stupid, you suck” without actually providing any information about why I’m wrong – other than they just know it – it’s “common sense”, “a known fact”, etc….  and you can guarantee they’ll never come back to the site if you take the time to try to engage them in a conversation.

So my question is…  Are you picking up what I write here based on monitoring an RSS feed or by watching the web site or using a saved bookmark?

I know it’s summer winding down and not many people are staring at their computers, but I’m getting to the point (again) of thinking that doing this is not a good use of my time…

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  1. cgmyrick says:

    Art- I follow your blog because you are very bright, fun and well informed on so many issues that I am unaware. You have sparked my interest to go places I would not have ordinarily pursued. Your take on current events are often contrary or unknown to me, I have to think, and really don’t have anything to add.
    For a more lively and interactive discussion, how about a page titled —So Art what do you think/know about…………?

  2. Art Stone says:

    At the risk of the chicken and egg issue, it doesn’t look like RSS is a factor here. I dabbled trying it on a radio podcast in iTunes, but it seems like it never got to the point of “even an AOL user can do it”, which is necessary to get widespread adoption and critical mass.

    • CC1s121LrBGT says:

      I am surfing and reading old posts here.. I have to mention that I love RSS and suggest that there are two types of people that read stuff from the web- those that use browsers and those that use RSS.

      I use extensively and recommend it for posting news and for the articles themselves on the site. I would not recommend it for the reader comments. I never subscribe to those and don’t know anyone that does.

  3. briand75 says:

    Art – no RSS here. Very passe anyway. I hit the site early and offer anything that passes for wisdom and then off to testing and the work-a-day world in some precise balance.

  4. Fortenbras says:

    I used them a few years ago but IMO I think their popularity has sort of passed by. At this point the only way I see them of use is as part of an App maybe for iphone or android.

  5. 3tooz says:

    I’m just another one in the crowd that hangs around here in the morning’s at SRG and attempt’s a test here and there. And normally likes to browse through the blogs and if I have a question or a somewhat snide remark or even an asemblance of intellegence for adding to a post, that’s when I appear.

  6. HPaws says:

    I don’t fully understand RSS feeds, I used to get some excellent Catholic audio. I no longer allow any of my computers (home & employees) to access iTunes for any reason. This is also true for Goggle, in fact I won’t do business with anyone who does business with Google either. These peripheral uses of the computer were just eating too much time.

  7. bachelorguy says:

    Call me a dope but I don’t really know what RSS is. Nor does it have much effect on me either. However, what I couldn’t live without is the Streaming Radio Guide.

    I’m with prboylan too, a heap of gratitude for your site.

  8. janderson021 says:

    No RSS feed here.
    i just logon to listen/test some stations, and read your blog pages.
    Sometimes i even have something to add to the conversation.

    • Parrott says:

      I don’t use RSS feed. You are Bookmarked. I like the group that hangs out here.
      I use my personal computer to listen to the radio and watch the blog, while I work for the ‘man’ on their computer.
      This site keeps me sane, while I have to attend the mother of all stupidity meetings at work.
      This is good, and I am glad you didn’t get washed away Art.

      as a side note, I found my GPS unit under the seat of the truck.(I thought I had lost it) . I am at a elevation of 1,930 ft. above sea level. I know I know, usless information.
      Thanks for this site, Art !

  9. foyle says:

    I don’t use RSS feeds either. I have your site bookmarked. I have tried several different RSS & blog readers over the years but have never found one that I like.

  10. prboylan says:

    I’m pretty much old-school- I have no real interest in RSS feeds. I go to your SRG website every morning, then check to see if any stations need testing for the program I plan to listen to. While I’m waiting for the audio stream to start I open the web page for your blog. I keep it open most of the day, but I have paying work that needs to get done. So I work a bit, then see what’s new on the SRG blog, then work some more, then maybe post a reply if there’s a developing topic I know something about.

    I suspect the phenomena of the regulars posting all at about the same time is more a result of human nature than RSS delays. Once one person replies it provides a social prompt for others who were lurking to chime in as well.

    And by the way, in case you haven’t heard this word lately: THANKS!!

  11. batesvillbilly says:

    I use bookmarks.

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