Shut up and be free!

In the wake of the “lone wolf” shooting in Norway at the Labor Party’s Youth Training camp, major media outlets in neighboring Sweden are going to change their message boards to moderate all comments, to prevent people from expressing unacceptable ideas.

People are going to communicate with each other on the Internet. The main question is whether it is out in the open or driven underground. The term “flashmob” is starting to pick up notoriety as a synonym for groups of black young people invading a store and stripping it of merchandise in a coordinated attack. The result is panic in the business and law enforcement community as they realize the power of the Internet to destabilize civilized society.

October 12th, Obama’s union thugs are going to try to “shut down Wall Street” with an organized massive protest. They are apparently unaware that the only thing left down on Wall Street is a TV Studio.

9/11 woke up the NYSE to its vulnerability from having a physical trading floor. Trades now are done by computers in Chicago and Germany. NASDAQ never was in New Yofk City, other than the TV studio.

When Irene blew through, the exchanges immediately said they would reopen on Monday like normal. The entire island of Manhattan could have been blown into the Hudson River, and the markets still would function normally.

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