BATF head fired by Eric Holder

If you haven’t been following this, BATF came up with this great idea – to prove how easy it is to smuggle weapons into Mexico, and then use that “evidence” as a basis for increasing regulation of guns within the United States, the BATF began smuggling weapons into Mexico and selling them to Mexican drug gangs in order to “track” where they went.   Operation Fast and Furious – your government at work.

The guns escaped from the control of the BATF and have now been used in a killing spree in Mexico.     Controlling guns in the US because Mexico is out of control has been a consistent theme of the Obama Administration, especially Mr Holder.    Maybe the wrong person was fired today.

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2 Responses to BATF head fired by Eric Holder

  1. Piquerist says:

    You got to know when to Holder, know when to Folder….

  2. Art Stone says:

    ABC news on the hour stories:

    Fires in Oklahoma
    Hurricane Irene damage
    Automation addiction for airplane pilots
    Cyber attack arrest in England
    — commercial break–
    station switches to local news.

    No mention of the ATF story. I’m “shocked”, I tell you.

    — Bottom of the hour —
    President Obama’s Job Plan
    Fires in Oklahoma
    Hurricane Irene damage

    Lead story at Google News:
    “Rep. Issa gets his first scalp” (The Hill)

    (Darrell Issa’s family is from Lebanon)

    — ABC Radio news – 8 PM ET —
    Oops, Huckabee report – Huckabee is ranting about Qaddafi’s sons drinking alcohol, not very Islamic. Hello, Qaddafi is a Soviet Socialist – he is an anti-Muslim – the first thing he did after taking power was to dismember the power of the Islamic clerics……

    Savage – 3rd hour
    Savage finally mentions the story…

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