Who is David Welch?


I knew sooner or later Bechtel would show up in reasons for the Libya “revolution”.

Al Jazeera has a video recently posted on YouTube as the “rebels” are going through the files of Qaddafi’s compound in Tripoli. David Welch was the State Department guy who negotiated the deal with Libya to surrender the Pan Am 103 bomber in order to end the trade embargo.   That deal is at least part of why some of the “rebels” wanted to knock off Qadaffi.


The London Telegraph just so happens to have a Wikileaks cable from 2008 discussing how Bechtel failed to win a contract to build a new port facility in Sirte, Ghadaffi’s home town – when Saif al Islam intervened and canceled the contract for no reason other than he could.

Shortly afterward, David Welch left the State Department to go to work for Bechtel. Bechtel is a major supplier of logistics, transportation and construction for the US Government and other governments around the world. They and Haliburton are in similar businesses.

Bechtel built the Hoover Dam, BART in San Francisco, the Metro in Washington DC, the “Big Dig” in Boston, the Channel Tunnel connecting England and France, the Hong Kong International Airport, the Alaska Pipeline….  they’re a really big deal.

What Aljazerra is reporting is it was Mr Welch who was having discussions with Qaddafi’s people about 3 weeks ago on what Qadaffi should do to stay in power or step aside gracefully  Welch is currently the President of Europe, Africa & Middle East for Bechtel.   Al Jazeera portrays his involvement as being representing the U.S. Government, which is not directly true, although I don’t think it is a stretch to say Bechtel is very closely integrated with the US Foreign Policy establishment.

Not reading Arabic, it’s possible this is all a fabrication.   It includes a slam against Qatar, which provides the funding for Al Jazeera

Bechtel can surely look forward to a flood of new business rebuilding Libya after the Libyan Treasury’s money is liberated, or at least I’m sure they hope that is true.   They had major contracts in both Kuwait and Iraq to do post war reconstruction.



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    Is it just a coincidence that WELCHES make grape juice and Mogan DAVID makes wine? I think NOT!

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